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  • It looks and feels great. +10 for consistency. pointer
    Dru Riley Founder of
  • Moni Talks is the greatest digest to learn crypto. Even newbies can read it! I love their style of writing, memes and design. Carry on! pointer
    Freddie Matias CEO of
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    Tony B Founder of Bitcoin Translated
  • I was hooked by historical reference at the beginning of each block. It's just mega cool. I even wanted to steal it on our video digests. Moni Talks is informative, easy to read and not annoying. It is written in simple language, so you don't need to be Satoshi's nephew to understand it. pointer
    Mark Letsyuk From Solana
  • It is a very nice newsletter dear. The design is also slick. Good stuff, good stuff dear. pointer
    Kind Mommy And writer of "Proud Mom of a CEO"
  • Love this newsletter, it covers some of the info that I sometimes miss myself. And it's also daily news instead of weekly, so you are always up to date. Huge respect for the work ๐Ÿ‘ pointer
    Sergei Chan Angel Investor, Author at @crypto_an
  • I read avidly every issue of MoniTalks to stay in trend. It is a very compact but capacious daily summary of all the crypto-related news, sprinkled with humor, definitely very hilarious. I hope you remember we are in crypto for memes and only memes! pointer
    Anton Bukov CTO of
  • Moni Talks newsletter are the best in the space. Quick short bytes and you are updated with all the crypto stuff happening daily. Super neat! pointer
    Palash Jain CMO Frontier