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14 October, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker πŸ™ƒ

Today, in 2012, Felix Baumgartner successfully jumped to Earth from a balloon in the stratosphere. And while people are competing in who will jump from a higher altitude, Bitcoin and friends are preparing to jump in the opposite direction. Personally, we plan to take a ride with crypto TO THE MOON 🌝

Come join us!


Our glorious journey to Tesla continues!

Moni Portfolio πŸ‘
Moni Portfolio πŸ‘

We continue to invest in crypto, chasing the aim of buying a Tesla. Follow us here. Yes, also, our app will be released really soon, so follow not to miss anything πŸ˜‰

The market is one giant storm, but we are confidently maintaining the course towards our target. +$20 this week, thanks, BTC and UNI, for that!

We have not bought anything new so far, we're examining the situation. πŸ•΅οΈ

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The market is shared by private individuals

Guys are in 🀞🀞🀞
According to bitcointreasuries.org, 15 companies own a total of almost 600,000 BTC (2.85% of all bitcoins).

According to bitcointreasuries.org, 15 companies own a total of almost 600,000 BTC (2.85% of all bitcoins). This is approximately $6.9 billion at the current exchange rate.

The largest among independent investors is MicroStrategy Inc., which bought BTC to ensure its reserves are protected against dollar inflation. This summer, MicroStrategy has invested $425 million in BTC, and since then, this amount has grown to $442 million.

Next comes Galaxy Digital Holdings, with 16,651 BTC worth about $192 million at a current exchange rate. The third and largest in the list by market capitalization is Square Inc, belonging to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Just last week, it announced that it had invested $50 million or 1% of its assets in Bitcoin.

Separately, there are companies that help clients invest in BTC. Grayscale Investments accounts for a large share of the total investment volume in the GBTC trust, which holds 449,596 BTC for $5.2 billion.

So what?

This amount is certainly impressive! The most important thing is that private investors are well-known and respected people.

Giants and dreamers, as well as just farsighted people, are marching towards mass adoption. Everyone else should take their places already; Bitcoin ain't a bubble, it's a pin.


October: profitable month

Money flows, Money calls πŸ’΄
Money flows, Money calls πŸ’΄

The first half of October was very interesting in terms of investments, attracted by DeFi projects, with more funds raised in 13 days of October than throughout September ($77 million in October vs $30.2 million in September).

Infographics: @ico_analytic.

So what?

DeFi is growing fast, luring new investors. FOMO, created in 2017, still lives in the heads of many people and already mingled with FOLO, so they can't afford to miss the second wave.


2016 and 2020


So what?

Once again. You aren't paying us, we aren't giving you any financial advice.

But looking at these charts, it feels like Mr. Bitcoin from the "promising project" is becoming a Godfather among digital assets. Confident, big, respected.

We are with BTC, yes :)


  • Binance launches trading of perpetual KSM/USDT futures contracts with up to 50x leverage tomorrow at 7:00 AM (UTC).

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