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21 October, 2020 | by
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    Bitcoin $ 12 722.80 -0.7% $ -89.47
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Hey #Moni Maker 🚀

Today we are celebrating "Back to the Future" day. It was October 21, 2015, where the heroes of the legendary 80s sequel went. Scriptwriters overestimated the speed of technological progress - flying cars still do not float around the mega-cities. At the same time, they have completely forgotten about the financial revolution. Society eventually makes better decisions than fiction writers: let us first deal with the money, and then we'll get to the "flights to work" thing 😉!

So let's go! It's time to take care of our financial freedom!


Ready to boast of your huge brain?

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Bitcoin reached $12,000

Sky's the limit!
Bitcoin reached $12,000

For the first time since early September, the course of BTC broke through the mark of $ 12000 and reached a value of $ 12800.

This is the 5th time in 2020 when Bitcoin is hitting a critical $12,000 level of resistance.

So what?

Bitcoin, dear, grow and be a good boy. We are all waiting for your victories and new highs!

Don't forget that Bitcoin has grown by 70% since the beginning of the year. And the 4th quarter is often a bullish one for the crypto market.


New Bitcoin Maximum

Addresses, addresses, addresses ✉️.
New Bitcoin Maximum

The number of addresses with 100+ BTC has reached its six months maximum! 😍

According to Glassnode, last time, similar values were in June after May halving, which may indicate the increased interest of large investors in BTC at the moment.

So what?

Big players, or so-called, "Whales" hastily merge into this crypto sea. We support the ecology of Bitcoin and its preservation 😊


Bitcoin mining difficulty is at new highs

What about the price? :(
Bitcoin mining difficulty is at new highs

After another Bitcoin difficulty adjustment, it increased by 3.62% to a maximum of 20.00 TH/s.

Bitcoin Mining difficulty is recalculated every two weeks according to a rule established at the protocol level to maintain the block's target time of about 10 minutes. Block times can vary significantly due to the amount of computing power allocated by the miners but remain relatively constant in the long run.

Usually, the price of bitcoin correlates with mining difficulty changes, as it happened this time. But the growth of the first crypto was about 3%.

So what?

No need to be sad, ATHs are ahead! Increased complexity is the key to competition; otherwise, there is no growth. Diggin' it?

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