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Today, in 1996, the U.S. government arrested Kevin Mitnick. Kevin is essentially the father of social engineering. Well, to put it simply, scam. Kevin was breaking systems and leaving insults in them by leading security professionals, and nowadays scammers...are asking you to send 1 BTC to their account so that you get 2 back.

Anyway, gotta be careful and all that. Digest! Let's go!


African Passion

Is crypto growing in the sun?

Analyst firm Chainalysis reported that the cryptocurrency market in Africa grew by more than 1,200% between July 2020 and June 2021.

Africa has the smallest cryptocurrency economy Chainalysis has ever researched, with $105.6 billion worth of crypto assets coming in from July 2020 to June 2021. Still, despite that, they consider it one of the most dynamic and interesting.

Not only has Africa's cryptocurrency market grown more than 1,200% in the past year, but it also has the highest rate of digital asset adoption in the world. Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania are among the top 20 of the Global Crypto Adoption Index.


Moni Talks on Gitcoin Grant

We need you!

Long story short, we went to Gitcoin! Now it is your chance to support us and donate a penny.

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Will you marry me?

For the loot?

The creator of Loot has made up a new contract. Through it, you'll be able to propose to your beloved heart if you know his/her wallet.

Oops, that was a little ambiguous... But come on, love and blockchain!


Does the market stagger like a drunk schoolboy?


Press: BSC is not growing, but Avalanche has become a fat boy. Where can you farm with stablecoins? Digest is farming!


An OpenSea employee was caught by the hand like a shitpoo!

It never happened before, and here again.

The marketplace has acknowledged that its head of product Nate Chastain purchased NFTs that he knew were going to be displayed prominently.

Chastain was accused by Twitter users overnight of snapping up items in OpenSea’s front-page collections ahead of general release.

The company has rolled out new policies specifying that team members may not buy or sell from collections while they are being promoted, and cannot use confidential information to purchase or sell NFTs.


BitMEX goes prison?

Crypto OG

As Decrypt reports, BitMEX's head of business operations Gregory Dwyer has reportedly agreed to be extradited from Bermuda to the U.S.

Last October, federal prosecutors in New York accused Dwyer and three other high-level BitMEX executives of conspiracy to evade money laundering regulations.

Reed was arrested in Massachusetts on the same day, Delo surrendered to authorities in March, and Hayes turned himself in on April 6.

All three were charged with one count of violating the BSA, one count of conspiring to violate the act, and were later released on bail for $5 million, $20 million, and $10 million, respectively.


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) — is a feeling when you see a gigantic green candle in the chart of the coin you don’t hold and want to get into this rocket or when you don’t buy next 100x gem after TGE. Overall, it’s the feeling that you missed some great opportunities, events or trades. If you don’t want to feel that and FUCK FOMO — Moni Talks is a remedy for you.

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