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Hey #Moni Maker ✋

Today, in 1839, the physicist François Arago reported the invention of the daguerreotype. Later this day was considered the day of photography. During the holidays, spend more time with friends & family and take lots of pictures; that is priceless! And Moni Talks will make sure you spend as little time as possible and get as much useful information as one can only imagine.

Let’s go!


Bitcoin has surpassed the capitalization of Alibaba!


Bitcoin surpassed the capitalization of Alibaba Group (BABA), a Chinese public company operating in the field of Internet commerce, the owner of Taobao, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and several other web portals. According to the AssetDash, Bitcoin's current market capitalization is just over $670 billion, up 15% in the last 24 hours. Alibaba Group market capitalization is over $640 billion.

Bitcoin broke the top 10 on AssetDash's list and continues to move toward first place. Tesla and Facebook. You are NEXT!

So what?

To outbid one of China's most enormous marketplaces... That is cool, Mr. Bitcoin!

AliBaba, why don't you buy 40 bitcoins? :) What a fairytale would that be!


BTC broke through the $39,000 mark

HOW MUCH? (v.2)

Bitcoin once again reached ATH, exceeding the mark of $39k. Thanks to this growth, the market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market reached the $1 trillion mark for the first time.

So what?

While we're writing and editing this text, making pics for the digest...Bitcoin could jump to 40k. Or even higher...

Crazy! But we like it! :)


Is Ethereum going to ATH?


Ethereum is doing just as well, hitting a 3-year high of $1200.

On top of that, Ethereum's Google search query is at an all-time high!

But that's not all; a new DeFi record was recorded!

The volume of funds blocked in DeFi has exceeded $20 billion for the first time

So what?

While the world is a mess, crypto is growing.

You know why?...Crypto is an island of adequacy. Even with all our toxicity and *sometimes* stupid memes.

But we are real. We are crypto.


Akash Network (AKT) will be listed on Bithumb Global!


The Bithumb Global exchange announced the listing of Akash Network (AKT) and support for AKT token stacking with a 51% APY yield on January 12, 2021.


Meme of the day 😄

We feel it!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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