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Hey #Moni Maker 🙃

Today, in 1979, after a year's break, the publication of the Times newspaper was resumed in Great Britain. That Times newspaper, whose headline was included in the Bitcoin genesis block in 2009. As you can see, Satoshi followed the news closely. And we are sure that if he had Moni Talks, Bitcoin would be even more bulletproof today 😎. Ok, enough with the fantasizing; the main thing is that YOU have Moni Talks and you will not miss the most important news on the Wild West!

Let’s go!


Is Apple next to buy bitcoin?


Leading ETF Think Tank strategist Dan Weiskopf believes that Apple must invest some of its cash reserves in bitcoin, because thanks to this Apple can help bitcoin achieve "true" mass adoption.

"If Apple invests $10-20 billion in bitcoin, these investments will bring the company much more profit in the long term than the "risky and expensive" shares buybacks," Weiskopf told.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, agreed with Dan, adding that the company could gain $100 billion in market capitalization by adding bitcoin to Apple Pay and creating an internal crypto wallet.

Also, Dan Weiskopf suggested that bitcoin could be of interest to Steve Jobs, as BTC’s policy is largely consistent with that of Jobs himself. For example, "do not sell products, sell dreams. Why is Bitcoin not a dream?

It should be noted that talks about Apple's need to add crypto have been going on for a long time, and users ask Apple management to start looking at bitcoin and other crypto-.

Apple is the most expensive company in the world with a capitalization of $2.03 trillion and has almost $194 billion in reserves. To get closer to the capitalization of Apple, bitcoin needs to grow by 545%, reaching the level of $100 thousand.

So what?

Tim Cook, bro, what's the matter with you, really, huh?

All cool alfa guys are already transplanted to crypto. You're all visionaries, dreamers and enthusiasts there in Apple, how much more can you ignore such a massive discovery as Bitcoin?

Anyways, let's make up your mind, Moni Talks will help you. We'll even make a cool cover with you, you'll like it!


BTC price peak

When will it be? 🤔

Willie Woo, a popular analyst and investor, wrote that Bitcoin is at the beginning of the next bullish rally, and the price peak will be reached in late 2021. He published a chart with its relative strength index (RSI 365) Bitcoin, showing the similarities of the current situation with the beginning of 2017.

People asked when to wait for the BTC price peak, he said: "My pick is December 2021, gotta sell to pay taxes like last time.".

Half a month ago Willie Wu came on the air of the podcast "Unconfirmed", where he said that now is "the best time to buy bitcoin”. You can listen to the podcast by following this link.

So what?

Willie Woo's ideas, of course, sometimes meet the criticism, but this kid knows a lot about bitcoin and we can listen to him.

But! Will it be the peak in 2021? It seems to us, that exactly the mass adoption will give the rocket bitcoin, on which one day it will fly tothemoon, and we will all be happy to watch this flight, as Elon Musk on one famous video.

Ok, let’s see. Anyway, you can always express your opinion and send it to our editorial office at talks@getmoni.io. If it is interesting, we will even publish it :) Don’t miss your Minute of Fame!


PayPal opens crypto

At the US now

The new service by PayPal can be used by all people with a verified account.

“We are pleased to announce that all eligible Paypal account holders in the U.S. can now buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency directly with Paypal,” the company announced on Thursday, November 12, 2020.

PayPal will charge $0.5 for transactions up to $24.99. 2.3% - for transactions from $25 to $100; 2% - for transactions from $100.01 to $200; 1.8% - for transactions from $200.01 to $1000; 1.5% - for transactions over $1000.

Let us remember, that PayPal announced its support for cryptocurrencies not a long time ago, which caused a public outcry.

So what?

We will follow the feedback of users very closely, if someone swears at something - we’ll swear at PayPal as hard as we can (be sure, we can do it perfectly). Whoo!


New record for bitcoin futures!

New record for bitcoin futures!

The volume of open positions (open interest) on bitcoin futures has updated the historic high at $5.9 billion, surpassing the previous high in August.

So what?

Futures is not about "came see sold profit gone", but about real trading, long-term, so to speak.

People start to trade bitcoin, not just buy and sell it thoughtlessly, as it was in 2017, for example.

Well, gentlemen traders, who has open futures and how many? You can brag in our chat room.


Since 2011, $7.7 billion worth of crypto currency has been stolen

Crystal Blockchain said
Since 2011, $7.7 billion worth of crypto currency has been stolen

According to the company Crystal Blockchain, since 2011, criminals have stolen about $7.7 billion in cryptocurrencies, with $2.8 billion stolen through hacking and finding vulnerabilities, and $4.8 billion due to fraudulent schemes. During this time there were 136 hacker attacks, including hacking 113 crypto exchanges, and 23 large fraudulent schemes were implemented.

Our favorite Mt.Gox is on the second place by the amount of stolen cryptocurrency ($615 million). Japan and China share the first place in geolocation, where it was stolen most crypto - nearly $1 billion for each country.

By the way, we had a russian MoniTalks about lost bitcoins. There were 3.7 millions BTC, you can read it here.

So what?

Why is everyone so enthusiastically talking about hacked crypto and nobody (almost) talks about hm...uh...illegally seized money from bank cards? In 2018 1 billion rubles was stolen in Russia, which is almost $14 million.

And it's only carding, so what about frauds then?

Yeah, dude, crypto still can come across a bench, so that all the desire to invest somewhere other than beer in the evenings will disappear.

But let's not forget that a crypto is not a Blockchain, a hashrate, or even Satoshi. Crypto is a human being, and you and we know the nature of these individuals very well. All weaknesses and desires.

So stop fidgeting, just read digests and think a hundred (x10) times before you carry your honestly earned cash somewhere. So that it won’t become honestly stolen…


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