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Today, in 2019, a terrible fire collapsed the roof and spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Sadly, death comes even to works of art that we consider eternal.

But death has a worthy opponent - today NFT can preserve almost any work and carry it through the years to our distant descendants. Yes, only Banksy paintings for now. But in 10-20 years it is likely that the world will go into virtual reality, and there and tokenization of buildings is not far away... Anyway, read the digests so you don't miss the future today.

Let’s go!


Crypto Market = Apple

The formula is simple

The capitalization of the entire crypto market is equal to the capitalization of just one company - Apple. Does the crypto market still have room to grow?


Bitcoin is a very fast guy

And here is the formula 1

Bitcoin Reaches $ 1 Trillion Market Cap, Twice As Fast As Amazon And Three Times As Apple

Time to reach $ 1 trillion market cap:

– Microsoft: 44 years old

– Apple: 42

– Amazon: 24 years

– Google: 21 years

– Bitcoin: 12 years


$ COIN is still at the start

So said Mr Armstrong

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong spoke in a blog post about the final listing.

β€œToday’s listing is a milestone, but it’s not as important as every new day in front of us. Coinbase has an ambitious mission: to increase economic freedom in the world. Everyone deserves access to financial services that can help them build a better life for themselves and their families. We have a lot of hard work to do to make this a reality.

We’re still in the early days of this industry, but we’re squarely focused on the future, on our mission, and on building the best crypto experiences for you, our community."

Coinbase's employees were also given 100 shares ($ 25,000) in advance of the listing. A Coinbase spokesperson confirmed that a total of over 1,700 employees received 100 shares each as a thank you.


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