💴 Is Bithumb for sale?

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Who will buy Bithumb?

There won't be a sale.

JPMorgan Chase and CME Group are studying the possibility of buying the majority of stocks in the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, the Korea Herald reports.

“JP Morgan has been talking with a person entrusted by one of Bithumb’s large shareholders over the acquisition,” a market insider was quoted as saying by local news outlet MTN.

In addition to JPMorgan Chase, CME Group is also studying the purchase of stocks. The financial group sent a request for the stock exchange purchase back in February, but the result of the negotiations is unknown.

So what?

So the giants of the fiat world are changing their diet: instead of banks, they want crypto exchanges for dessert.

On the one hand, people with JPMorgan experience can bring a lot of positive vibes in crypto. On the other hand, we don't want to let outsiders break into our yummy crypto-world..........


Canada.ETF. Bitcoin

Has South Park brought this up yet?

Canada will launch its third bitcoin ETF. The product under the BTCX ticker recently became available to investors on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

According to Steve Kurtz, a partner at GDAM, demand for such products is growing rapidly in the institutional segment.

Canada outplayed the U.S. in recognizing such products. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has previously rejected all applications for registration of cryptocurrencies over the past few years.

So what?

Biden, come on, cut the crap. If the U.S. continues to miss opportunities like this, you will lose your upper hand!


2021 and 2017

Nostalgia < Analysis

The Block analyst Larry Cermak shared his look on the evolution of the crypto industry over the past 4 years and compared the current situation to 2017-2018.


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