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Hey #Moni Maker 👍

Today the U.N. is celebrating happiness day. Every day is a holiday for us with this bull market, but we're happy to join the U.N. in their celebration, but first things first, as always!

Let’s go!


Brazil in the BTC ETF

Is the BTC ETF faster than the coronavirus?

So what?

Apparently, the third world war will be based on the attitude to the cryptocurrency: while in countries like India it is prohibited, in Canada and Brazil it is met with bread and salt.

Bankers will revolt against crypto companies, and a new era of humanity will begin…


35 000 + 100 000

The numbers don't lie


Ignore cannot be accepted

Where's the comma? WHERE'S THE F*CKING COMMA?!

Analysts at financial conglomerate Deutsche Bank released a new report stating that after bitcoin's capitalization surpassed $1 trillion, it has become too important an asset to ignore.

Analysts compared bitcoin to Tesla because the asset will also have to turn potential into results to justify its value proposition. Ilon Musk's company securities are valued due to predictions of a shift in consumer preference toward electric cars.

So for the current value of the digital money market to persist in the future, it will have to become the primary means of international transfers, and bitcoin will have to be the leader of this change.

So what?

Hmmm... are the stocks of the companies that are spinning your banks ready to "justify" themselves?

Let them do the trick first. Bitcoin isn't just an asset, it's an entire ecosystem. What's about your paper? Not even useful in everyday life...


Morgan Stanley to take over Bithumb


According to the South Korean edition of Naver News, the U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley, which manages $4 trillion in assets, may buy part of the Bithumb exchange.

According to the publication, the bank intercepted negotiations to buy a stake in the platform operator, which was conducted by Nexon Group, a gaming corporation. The company had previously denied plans to buy the exchange.

According to Naver, the deal is in the neighborhood of 300-500 billion won (~$265-$440 million). Bithumb is expected to have a market valuation of 2 trillion won (~$1.77 billion).

Recall that recently we wrote that JP Morgan Bank and CME Group are considering the possibility of acquiring a controlling stake in the site.

Long Story Short

  • Router Protocol told about what the liquidity migration between Ethereum, Polygon (ex. Matic Network), Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Chain will look like.


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