🥅 Bitcoin, Google Trends, ETH 2.0 and Telegram CEO

23 November, 2020 | by
  • coin BTC
    Bitcoin $ 18 497.86 15.80% $ 2 227.80
  • coin ETH
    Ethereum $ 587.74 29.36% $ 133.38
  • Market Cap
    18.25% $ 554 535 096 891
  • DeFi Market Cap
    21.57% $ 18 889 066 877

Hey #Moni Maker 😎

What a unique week! Bitcoin has only 5% left to reach historical maximums, and media presence on the topic is nowhere near what was happening in 2017. It's better to check out the weekly digest and see everything for yourself.

Let’s go!


In crypto that's all they talk about - BTC’s growing. 18K! And some more, let’s check it out!

CeFi World 🌎

Top news of the week; you can’t miss them!

• BTC is 18K, but Google Trends shows low interest in the first crypto...Anyway, everything is not simple. Read more here;

• But here we can’t argue! Bitcoin overtook MasterCard in capitalization. Visa, you are next!

• Hm, about the media… the actress from “Game Of Thrones” bought some bitcoins, but her followers didn’t support such investments..

• Vitalik *ETH 2.0 is near* Buterin talked to Reddit subscribers: only 20% of the funds are staked, if ETH doesn’t collect the needed amount to run - the second version of Ethereum can be postponed again.

Not so loud, but interesting

• Jim Reed, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, noted the growing popularity of Bitcoin as an alternative to gold savings;

• The founder of the analytical company Coin Metrics told Bloomberg TV that fiat currencies' infrastructure and inflation support BTC growth, and as a result, the current growth is more stable than in 2017;

• Android Life: Looks like Samsung is going to launch a blockchain project;

• Official: OKEx will resume withdrawals on November 27;

• F*ck up of the week: Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son said that he doesn't understand Bitcoin, Business Insider wrote. This guy lost too much money…


DeFi Talks a little bit. Calm before the storm?

DeFi World 🤔

Guys from 1Inch have recently announced that it is possible to farm INCH tokens, by providing liquidity to the Mooniswap exchange. Check this Digest to get the most, there are a lot of ways to make some money!.


Rabbit hole leads you through the world of crypto, and gives experience!

Project of the week 🖖

This week we have paid attention to RabbitHole. (follow us!)

These guys give you experience (XP) for researching crypto: for example, you swap on Uniswap, you get experience.

Interesting way of educationg, really?

Anyway, come in and check it out, you can't miss it!


Telegram CEO VS Apple

NoCoiner’s Life 😮

Pavel Durov aka Telegram CEO recently got in a fight over the new IPhone 12 Pro. We wonder if Apple will answer him?


Memes can wait!

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We wish you a great week!

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