🗯 Bitcoin is a bubble (don't kill us plz)

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Today, in 1957 the Frisbee was introduced. We won’t give you any hints on how this relates to crypto this time.. All we know is that there is no way back🚀

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Mark Cuban compared cryptocurrencies to the dot-com bubble


Billionaire Mark Cuban is confident in BTC, ETH and some other altcoins to go through the market bubble and survive. Like Amazon, eBay and Priceline survived the dotcom boom, but most altcoins will not survive in the bubble like dotcom boom companies did.

So what?

Hmm, seems adequate.

And some alts are really going to fall in this war. Thanos will snap his fingers, sending half of them to XRP….

p.s. By the way, Peter *Grandad Get the Pills* Schiff is the thread. He says crypto has no value and all of it will fall.


Tether printed 2 billion USDT in one week


Last week, the issuer of Tether - the largest stablecoin by capitalization, increased its supply of USDT tokens by $2 billion. The total capitalization now stands at 24.4 billion.

Sam Trabucco of Alameda Research believes the increase is due to the high liquidity of USDT, and the fact that it makes the crypto market very easy to access.

According to Tether and Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino, large investors such as MicroStrategy or Ruffer have also caused USDT's supply to rise.

In the 2019 New York State Attorney General's Office lawsuit against Tether, Stuart Hogner, chief counsel for the stablocoin issuer, pointed out that USDT is backed by only 74% fiat reserves.

Paolo Ardoino said that USDT is fully backed, complying with all KYC/AML measures and improving transparency in 2021, and added that they will continue to operate as usual after the January 15 court hearing.

So what?

This story will soon equal Mt.Gox in drag. Come on guys, let's solve your problems quicker! USDT is a cool stablecoin, we use it, we like it.


500 million active Telegram users!


The number of active Telegram users has surpassed 500 million, Pavel Durov said.

The Telegram founder attributes this growth to the fact that people are no longer willing to trade their privacy for free services. Durov believes that people don't want to be held hostage by technological monopolies who think they can get away with anything. He stressed that Telegram has already become the biggest safe haven for those looking for a platform that focuses on privacy and security.

So what?

Mr. Durov, you're about to become the next Tony Stark. Good!

Long Story Short

  • USDC-SPL on Solana blockchain (SOL) is now supported in Trust Wallet. This will allow sending USDC with a $0.00001 fee.


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