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23 October, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker πŸ‘

Today, in 1769, a three-wheeled steam wagon - the ancestor of the car - first developed a speed of 4.5 km/h. Many people then wondered: "Why would you need an automobile - a carriage and horses do the job just fine." The same thing happened with the Internet when sending one e-mail could take a couple of dozens of minutes. We all know how that ended. Today, haters are calling crypto slow, inconvenient, or even an outright scam... History may not repeat itself, but it certainly rhymes. Haters gonna hate… and we'll better see what another crypto day has brought us!


PayPal revived the market

And the market likes it 😏
PayPal revived the market

After yesterday's news from PayPal, spot and futures Bitcoin trading volumes have increased significantly.

So what?

PayPal did it, and the rest will too. Or they will be forced by crisis and inflation.

Follow the Digests; the news is the best signal nowadays!


Bitcoin will show you what's up!

Better believe us :)
Bitcoin will show you what's up!

Billionaire and founder of Tudor Investment hedge fund, Paul Tudor Jones, known as the "storm predictor," is even more optimistic about Bitcoin than before and believes that BTC is the best tool against inflation.

"I like bitcoin even more now than I did then. I think we are in the first inning of bitcoin, and it's got a long way to go," Jones said on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Thursday.

The billionaire believes the unprecedented QE, the new dollar seal, and the Fed's economic support packages are paving the way for huge inflation, and Bitcoin is one of the best hedges against inflation, much like gold.

"The reason I recommended bitcoin is because it was one of the menus of inflation trades, like gold, like TIPS breakevens, like copper, like being long yield curve and I came to the conclusion that bitcoin was going to be the best inflation trade," Jones said.

So what?

It only took 11 years for BTC to stay in one line with gold. 11!!!

In Russia, this is the path of a schoolboy. So...there is still college ahead, a master's degree, a postgraduate course... Yes, "your bubble burst" 😁


Farming EASY via Uniswap

We checked!
Bitcoin is more interesting than stocks

TD Ameritrade, one of the most popular discount brokerage firms in the U.S., reported during its news release that Bitcoin is a more attractive investment against the background of low U.S. stock prices.

Host, Oliver Renick, said investors are more interested in BTC than in stocks. According to Renick, Bitcoin has a long way to go because, unlike the stock market, it has grown on the back of the news about new economic support packages, and new helicopter money was published.

"Bitcoin is growing, while the stock market is not responding to the weakening of the dollar and the stimulus packages. This is the most positive moment for crypto investors since we started covering it three years ago," Renick summed up.

So what?

Feel this moment. The stocks are already clear to everyone, and they have been studied and reviewed. Investing here, I will get this much in 10 years... Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a technology, a solution to a lot of problems and, most importantly, the spirit of adventure, which sometimes is so much desired by some traders and investors.


Farming EASY via Uniswap

Farming EASY via Uniswap

Previously it was possible to feed QUICK, EASY stake on QuickSwap (This is Layer2 on Matic).

Now it is possible to stuff EASY tokens with LP tokens over Uniswap.

All you need to do is to add liquidity on Uniswap in EASY/DAI or EASY/USDC pairs, then take the obtained LP tokens and fix them on a special Easyfi platform. (Full instructions are here).


  • New DeFi-record! The amount of money blocked in DeFi has exceeded $12 billion.

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