😄 Why Buterin is so happy?

3 February | by
  • coin BTC
    Bitcoin $ 37 852 6% $ 1 836
  • coin ETH
    Ethereum $ 148 10% $ 10
  • Market Cap
    7.50% $ 1 168 777 560 482
  • DeFi Market Cap
    9.90% $ 59 221 116 147

Hey #Moni Maker ✋

Today, in 1636, there was a tulip mania in the Netherlands: the number of people selling these flowers greatly exceeded the number of people buying them, and the result was a lot of ruined people. At first sight, it may seem that there is "nothing left to catch" in the crypto market, that soon the supply will exceed the demand... but, dear cryptan, we will reassure you!

Even if a kind of tulip mania for crypto is inevitable, our eyes are certainly not destined to see it. And our children's eyes either. Maybe even our great-grandchildren's!

So, let's dive into the world of crypto adventure? Go!




What's the ATH of ETH?


✅ Kraken — $1595

✅ Binance — $1440

✅ Bitfinex — $1424

✅ Poloniex — $1424

✅ Bittrex — $1423

✅ Huobi — $1422

✅ Coinbase — $1420

✅ Bitstamp — $1420

✅ Gemini — $1420

Here's ATH + analytical services:

✅ CoinMarketCap — $1225

✅ CryptoRank — $1421

✅ CoinGecko — $1448

So what?

Ugh... the second cryptocurrency is steadily going to the top! Just like your former classmate to the store for vodka.

Gas prices are a huge pain in the finger of Buterin's success. Will he solve it...?




USDC capitalization has risen 50% + since the beginning of this year. From $4 billion to almost $6 billion

So what?

Against the backdrop of the scandalous USDT, the USDC looks like such an honorable boy.

While the bully fought with everyone and was repeatedly accused of fraud, the honorable boy has learned his trade and is working for the good of the people.

USDTArmy, don't kick us, we're kidding. (No, we're not.)


MicroStrategy bought another $10 million worth of BTCs


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor reported an additional 295 BTC purchases worth about $10 million.

The average purchase price is $33,808. In total, the company now owns 71,079 BTC worth about $2.47 billion with an average purchase price of $16,109.

Michael Saylor also announced a summit for corporate managers regarding Bitcoin investments and public company treasuries.

The summit is set to take place on February 3-4.

So what?

Typical MicroStrategy talk:

- So, Another bitcoin?

- Nah, I got a dollar waiting for me at home...

- Come on, it's my treat!


SHAKE + 1266% In one week!

Next stop: Space! (ToTheMoon. NOW!)

Have you ever dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid? Even if you haven't, the MoniTalks team suggests you visit space. Today! *Elon Musk, get in line! *

We've discovered an interesting project, the One Stop DeFi ecosystem.

The perks:

LP pharming - interstellar;

Stablecoin - Gravity;

The ability to buy an index - INDEX;

NFT, which allow you to farm (not just lie in the wallet)

And the hero of the celebration - SHAKE (it's like YFI in the yearn ecosystem) gave the wildest profits in the last week +1266%.

Not financial advice, DYOR or DIE.


A new record in the Bitcoin network!


According to Glassnode, the number of unique active addresses on the Bitcoin network totaled 22.3 million in January. Active addresses are those that sent or received BTC.

This is a historical record for the month. So bitcoin is being used more actively than ever before!


Meme of the day 😄

We feel it!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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