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Hey #Moni Maker 🦞

Today, in 2012, 50 people were shot and died at the premiere of the Batman movie. In that movie, Bane was Batman's antagonist. A clever, cunning and unprincipled character who always had a plan. But the plan didn't work for him, and at the end of the movie he got whacked anyway.

Where are we going with this? The crypto market likes consistency, but it's better to be flexible. Plans are good. But changing them is also worthwhile. Especially after reading our Digest. Let's go!



The red candle became the red carpet

The cryptocurrency community is highly anticipating the release of a new documentary about the Ethereum blockchain, with the film’s funding campaign exceeding expectations.

A crowdfunding round for the Ethereum-themed documentary, dubbed Ethereum: The Infinite Garden, has surpassed its goal of 750 Ether (ETH), raising a total of 1,035.96 ETH worth $1.9 million as of Friday, the creators announced.

The funding campaign started on Wednesday to support the production of a feature-length, character-driven documentary film exploring the “innovative real-world applications of the Ethereum blockchain, the die-hard community of enthusiasts and developers, and its creator, Vitalik Buterin.”

Ending Friday, the fundraising campaign amassed a total of 662 backers who contributed through Mirror, a decentralized crypto-based network. “We are blown away by the support of the community. In 3 days we surpassed our goal,” the project creators said.

Some 95% of raised funds will be directed toward the film’s production budget, while 3% will be distributed on Gitcoin grants to support open-source Ethereum projects, and the remaining 2% will be sent as a donation to Carbonfund.org, an initiative to reduce global carbon emissions.

To premiere in winter 2023, the film will approach Ethereum as an “infinite garden,” laying out its blockchain as a “decentralized ecosystem with soil, plants, and insects” instead of thinking of it as a “machine controlled by a central brain.” The idea of the infinite garden was conceptualized by Aya Miyaguchi, the executive director of the Ethereum Foundation.


How much will ETH cost in the winter of 2023?

HODL with no investment :D

In honor of the news about the release of the Ethereum movie, we at Moni Talks have decided to hold a long-running contest!

Today we're buying $100 in Ethereum. This is our challenge.

Your challenge is to fill out this form right here and answer how much ETH will be worth when the movie comes out. The closest answer to the correct answer will get that $100 in ETH. Or whatever it'll be worth :)

So your steps

- You fill out the form;

- You subscribe to Telegram and Twitter;

- You wait for the movie to come out. And you get the dough if you guess close:)

We guess it's as clear as a sunny day. Dive into our chat if you didn’t get something.


Do not sell ETH!

It’s a mistake!

One famous crypto blogger Lark Devis provided his 7 reasons why he is buying more ETH right now.

Some of them:

1) Ethereum

2) Implementation of EIP 1559

3) Demand for Ethereum.

Do you agree with him?


Gamers VS Law enforcers

No, well, it's not even a clickbait!

Last week, Cointelegraph reported on the seizure of 3,800 PlayStation consoles allegedly being used to mine cryptocurrency. The confiscated gaming units were among a stash of hardware discovered by Ukrainian authorities during a raid on a farmhouse accused of tampering with electric meters to steal power from the local grid.

Based on the initial reports at the time, the PS4 consoles, graphics cards, processing units and other hardware found at the scene was being used for illegal crypto mining operations.

However, according to an investigation by Ukrainian business publication Delo, the seized PlayStation consoles were being used to generate content packs and coins for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), a game mode in the popular FIFA football game title.

Players usually have to earn FUT coins and cards by winning football matches in the game, but the busted warehouse was allegedly generating black market variants of these in-game items. According to Delo, Ukraine’s Secret Service has yet to confirm or deny its findings, with the agency electing to keep details of the ongoing investigation under wraps.

So what?

The news is old, but why not?

And remember. The miner is worse than the football player.


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And more you can find in our Glossary!


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