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Today, in 1967, Sweden switched to right-hand traffic. And we, crypto-cats, don't care about your traffic at all - we drive according to the schedule. Sometimes we drive recklessly, sometimes very slowly, but most importantly - we drive!

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What the f@ck is NFT?!


As Decrypt reports, Taylor Monehan, founder of Ethereum wallet, MyCrypto asked Buterin “Which (Ethereum) use-case has surprised you most?” during an ask-me-anything (AMA) with the young founder—one in which only his Twitter followers could participate.

He replied: “NFTs.”

He didn’t elaborate but has spoken about the runaway success of the NFT industry before, and its role in accelerating the adoption of Ethereum, which has seen gains of 20% this week.

So what?

Vitalik also said that he regretted the hasty recruitment of Ethereum co-founders. 7 of 8 people left the project, the disagreements slowed down Ethereum and everything.


Wee need Binance's independence from Binance!


Binance US, according to Changpeng Zhao, is planning an initial public offering (IPO) in 2024.

Binance US also plans to close a major round of private financing in the next two months, allowing the company to become more independent of the global exchange, Zhao told tech publication The Information on Wednesday.

CZ is confident that the crypto exchange will survive the ongoing crackdown by global regulators, and that Binance US will move to a public listing in three years. "Binance US will do the same thing as Coinbase," Zhao said. He said that last year Binance made between $800 million and $1 billion in profits.

So what?

CZ: "Soon I will be the head of the whole world,

And I'll give all my homies some exchanges."




Glenn Arcaro of Los Angeles pleaded guilty today in federal court for his participation in a massive conspiracy involving BitConnect, a cryptocurrency investment scheme, which defrauded investors from the United States and abroad of over $2 billion. The BitConnect scheme is believed to be the largest cryptocurrency fraud ever charged criminally.

He was ordered to pay $24 million to investors.

As admitted in documents entered today before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mitchell D. Dembin, Arcaro conspired with others to exploit investor interest in cryptocurrency by fraudulently marketing BitConnect’s proprietary coin offering and digital currency exchange as a lucrative investment.

So what?

Bitconnect was obliged to pay a huge amount of money and turned into a kind of meme. Everyone is laughing at these scammers. And that's the right approach! That's the way it is, girls and boys.

Being mocked by the community is, for many, far worse punishment than the courts and investigations. That's just the way we are, people.


Glossary word

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Order Book is a list of all orders, both to buy and sell an asset. The order book looks like a table or a list with the orders of sellers and buyers indicating the exact number of coins and value.

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