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Hey #Moni Maker ✋

Today, in 1466 in Bruges, Belgium, the first of the famous lotteries was held. Around 500 years later we can see hundreds of "lottery tickets 2.0" and our task is to determine which of these tickets are the winning ones. Fundamental analysis is important here, and without industry events and major news, nothing will work, so

Let’s go!


Tether is no longer a scam

Court confirmed!

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex and its subsidiary Tether have settled the conflict with the New York State Prosecutor's Office and will pay 18.5 million as part of the settlement.

Thus, the case against Bitfinex and Tether, which lasted 2 years, can be considered closed.

So what?

Just yesterday we were joking about this endlessness case, and now it's closed! This is great news for crypto - minus one serious threat to the market from the outside.



Correction Mom!

Correction is going on!

BTC - 47k; ETH - below $1500, almost all alts are red.


$5.64 billion!

Tanos would love it

The current market correction has liquidated a record $5.64 billion worth of positions on centralized exchanges in the last 24 hours.

The Binance exchange accounted for over $2.5 billion in positions, 90% of which were longs.

The largest liquidation order happened on the Huobi exchange to a $20.66 million BTC long.

The cryptocurrency market lost more than $200 billion in 24 hours, and bitcoin's capitalization dropped back below $900 billion.

So what?

A correction is normal. There are no ups without downs and other business coach clichés. HODL and you'll be happy. [NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!]


Meme of the day 😄

We feel it!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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