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Today, in 1988, Conor McGregor was born. The once-Brooklyn plumber is now breaking his legs in front of millions of viewers. No, we're not going to read you success stories. We just want to remind you that being able to look long term is a great skill. Today buy high and sell low, but maybe tomorrow you'll be a whale.

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London vs. Everybody

How about that, Stormzy?

Scotland Yard has seized £114 million of Bitcoin as part of an investigation into money laundering offences.

The Metropolitan Police said the sum is more than double the amount of cash seized last year and was the largest cryptocurrency confiscation in the UK.

One bitcoin is currently worth around £25,000, having fallen from a peak in April of £47,126.48, meaning the sum confiscated may have been worth nearly double two months ago.

The Bitcoin value of the assets seized by the force’s Economic Crime Command following up intelligence received about the transfer of criminal assets is not known and the investigation is continuing.

Cash remains king, but as technology and online platforms develop, some are moving to more sophisticated methods of laundering their profits.

So what?

Yeah. While scammers in the depths of the darknet brag about the amounts stolen, the police brag about the amounts seized.

There are still a lot of scams in crypto. Hopefully, at least some of them will come to their senses and come over to the bright side. Well, or they will be led by the hand to the light cell.


BTC leave exchanges

Cryptocurrency Biology

Glassnode analysts report that an average of 2,000 BTC (about $66 million) are withdrawn from centralized cryptocurrency exchanges to personal wallets every day.

This may indicate that users are not going to sell their BTC and are withdrawing them from exchanges for long-term storage.

Glassnode notes that such a situation has been observed since late May. As a result, the number of BTC on exchanges returned to April levels, when the first cryptocurrency reached a record high of about $64,000.



Wife, let’s buy the ticket to Miami!

The Forgotten BTC wallet was activated after 10 years of inactivity. All this time it had stored bitcoins worth ≈$26 million.

And now, on July 12, 640 BTC out of 791 were transferred to another address.

The mysterious wallet was created in June 2012, 14 months after the biggest crypto-industry enigma, Satoshi Nakamoto, disappeared from the Internet.

So what?

Yes, there are cheat codes in life too. :) HESOYAM


DeFi grew up and got big

What's up?!

DeFi's blocked funds surpassed $140 billion for the first time in July.

It turns out that the volume of blockchain blocked funds (TVL) grew by 15,556% over the year.

Cryptorank also made a detailed infographic on TVL on various blockchains.


📕 Glossary word

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WAGMI — is an acronym for “we all gonna make it”. It is usually used in a situations when there’s a hope for market or coins to rise, or when there’s a lot of good news coming about the market.

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