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Hey #Moni Maker 🙃

Today, in 1928, the premiere of the first cartoon with sound "Steamboat Willie" with everyone's favorite Mickey Mouse took place. Less than a hundred years ago people had to watch silent cartoons, and today someone complains that almost instant money transfer to any place in the world sometimes jumps up to $10-15. We are on the verge of revolution, guys, now the main thing is not to miss anything!

Let’s go!


Actress from "Game of Thrones" wants to long Bitcoin

And she has already bought some
Actress from "Game of Thrones" wants to long Bitcoin

British actress Maisie Williams, who played Arya Stark in "Game of Thrones" asked her Twitter subscribers (by the way, 2.7 million) if she should long BTC. At the moment more than 800 thousand people took part in the survey and 55% answered "no".

The discussion under the tweet was attended by a large number of representatives of the crypto industry, even Elon Musk came in and wrote "Toss a bitcoin to ur Witcher" with a hint at a song from the "The Witcher".

A little later, the actress wrote that she bought some bitcoin.

Business Insider has long published an article about celebrities holding the cryptocurrency. Among them are Bill Gates, Snoop Dogg, Hugh Laurie and others.

So what?

Those who answered no… shall we forgive them? Maybe they just do not want to share BTC, even with their favorite actress.

And... Maisie, welcome to the club :) The first rule about crypto club is: you don't talk about crypto club. The second rule is: see the first rule, Savvy? :)


Bitcoin broke $17,000

🚀Onboard, ladies and gents🚀
Bitcoin broke $17,000

Only 13% is left to reach the historical maximum! According to statistics, in the whole Bitcoin history there were only 5 days when BTC traded higher than today.

At the time of writing, bitcoin reached $18,000.

Since 2017, this is the first time when bitcoin touches such levels.

So what?

Phew, crypto twitter has the question: why is it almost $20k, but friends do not clog phones and messengers, asking how to buy BTC?

Humans are impressionable creatures, and if once they were impressed by a $20k BTC, now the price must be higher.

Anyway, f*ck all these opinions, BTC feels ok.


$20,000 #Bitcoin Is Primary Hurdle Toward $1 Trillion Market Cap - Bloomberg.

And Bitcoin is growing once again!
$20,000 #Bitcoin Is Primary Hurdle Toward $1 Trillion Market Cap - Bloomberg.

Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlown believes that the capitalization of Bitcoin will reach $1 trillion, but before that the BTC price has to overcome the historic $20,000 high achieved in late 2017.

Prior to that, Bloomberg predicted the growth of bitcoin to $28k by the end of this year and to $100k by 2025. Anyway, Mike’s prediction regarding $15K BTC came true.

So what?

We really shouldn’t be waiting for the numbers, but for the numbers. Hm...let us explain, don’t go anywhere!

That is, not the cost, but the number of followers. The cost will attract speculators and adventurers, can we start to inform people about the Bitcoin’s features, about its capabilities? And to focus on this? Maybe it will help us more?

Okay, nobody gives a f**k..


No, you're not too late for the party. — СТО Glassnode

Lil Pump loves it
No, you're not too late for the party. — СТО Glassnode

Rafael Schultze-Kraft Technical Director of Glassnode, wrote that many onchain indicators show that the bull market is just beginning.

With $BTC at $16.8k, Reserve Risk is just breaking out of the green zone and even lower than 2019 when BTC hit $13k. – tweeted Rafael.

So what?

Crypto twitter agrees and brings a lot of arguments for the bull market after $20k.

Ask your boss to make a payout earlier :)



Samsung & Blockchain

Together Forever 💜
Samsung & Blockchain

The technology giant Samsung may be working on a blockchain-based application to provide a secure way to transfer files, data and information.

Although Samsung has not provided additional details, some sources report that the company is developing software called Private Share, which uses blockchain to prevent recipients from using file information in ways not allowed by senders.

Samsung has been developing blockchain solutions for quite some time. Starting with Galaxy S10, crypto wallets have been introduced into their top devices. Besides, the company already cooperates with several crypto projects - Gemini, Enjin, Stellar and Tron.

So what?

Recently, we wrote about Apple, which is offered to dive into crypto, but they ignore such offers.

Well, if the evil genius Tim Cook is not developing top-secret crypto projects under his pillow secretly from everyone, then very soon the unsolvable dispute "iOS vs Android" will soon be resolved...


  • Binance launches trading of perpetual BEL/USDT futures contracts with leverage up to 50x.

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And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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