👾 Degen Stuff: How to celebrate Gem Jubilee? Edition #100

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Hey #Moni Maker 🐸

Today, Gem City celebrated the Moni Talks jubilee! Every citizen can visit Moni Talks Office and congrats to the team. It's the 100th English DegenStuff and 300th Russian CryptoDailyNew Edition! Thank you for the support, Gem City!

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🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Quibit Pre-Launch Liquidity Event;

2️⃣ Bumper Farm starts.


📧 Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ Polytrade IDO WL on PolkaStarter - up to 14.07;


Bunny Honey Money

rhymes are the hype

We know, you wanna start this Digest here. Ok!

Let's meet QUBIT (QBT). It's a lending And borrowing on the BSC platfrom on BSC. Highlights:

1. Qubit Pre-Launch Liquidity Event

The Qubit Pre-Launch Liquidity Event will provide liquidity for QBT ahead of the launch of the Qubit service. Users will commit assets in the form of BUNNY-BNB LP tokens. There is no cap on the amount of assets that can be committed. This means that everyone who wishes to participate will be able to do so, and there is no benefit to joining at the beginning or at the end of the Event, and everyone’s commitment will be proportionally valued.

Also, 5 more points are there. And we continue!


Ask Delta!

if u wanna know more

Bros from DeltaTheta posted an explanation of options types. Buy Call, Sell Call, bla-bla..sounds scary, yep?

Do not worry! Today you will know these definitions. Buy Call - the buyer expects the price to rise in the future.

Sell Call - the seller expects the price to fall in the future.

What are Buy Put and Sell Put? Join Delta TG and know it. The market is growing, you shoudl follow it.


⛵️ Where Clipper is sailing? What?

All hands on deck!

Clipper is the first DEX platform created for self-made crypto cats. 

Clipper is designed to have the lowest cost per transaction for small and medium transactions <10,000 on the most popular crypto assets. Such a cool thing is achieved through a new design architecture and a number of design tradeoffs that sacrifice price competitiveness in favor of better pricing on retail trades.

Big Facts!

Clipper is named after a mid-19th century merchant sailing ship that was used for world trade. Clipper ships were designed for speed, partly at the expense of reduced tonnage.

Clipper will have a smaller and limited liquidity pool and lower commissions. The smaller pool means there will be more slippage on Clipper, but the lower commissions make up that for smaller trades. On the other hand, on larger trades, the slippage outweighs the lower commissions. That makes Clipper a terrible place to be for large trades! 

But that's okay, Clipper is for traders who are successful :) 

Also, they raised a $21k funding round. Who's on deck: Polychain - lead investor, 0x Labs, DeFi Alliance and MetaCartel DAO.

Follow the project -> Twitter. Don't miss the update! DYOR.


Are you an Optimist?

Be Happy everythereeeee

@OptimismPBC has launched on UNI v3! Highlights:

Redesigned token bridge:

A redesigned token bridging system resulting from months of collaboration with the community (shoutouts below!) which allows us to flexibly and easily bridge new L1 assets into L2. At launch, the bridge supports DAI, WBTC, USDT, EURT, ETH, and SNX, with an interface for adding new assets soon to follow.

Infrastructural integrations:

We couldn’t have done this without the incredible suite of new infrastructure integrations to help make OΞ as powerful and versatile as L1 Ethereum, including:

Ok, continue here!


Degen needs Degen

and nothing else

"This is an experimental service, provided as-is. RugDoc is not responsible for any losses, monetary or otherwise, resulting from the use of this service. Best experienced on a desktop device." (c)

Check the Rugdoc, you will love it. Maybe. After DYOR!



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