👾 Degen Stuff: VR NFT in Gem City! Edition №125

17 August | by

Hey Moni Maker

Today, VR NFT Company will visit Gem City and provide its technologies from Game City to the citizens. Some experts are scared of such presentation because after using VR NFTs, people decide to stay in the VR NFT forever and never come back to real life.

Follow our Telegram and Twitter won't use VR NFTs, because they are too busy looking for gems. Because...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

2️⃣ DJsofDeFi NFT AIRDROP 11:30 UTC;

5️⃣ HappyLand Gummy Bears NFT Collection 16:00 UTC.


📧 Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ CERE IDO on PolkaStarter WL - start 18.08


Cronje speaks


Digests speaks too!

Cronje just provided that http://bribe.crv.finance v1.0.1 released

DYOR on it! And we continue.


API3 hodlers whooray!

U r Airdrops Sirs

To qualify, API3 token holders must be staking their tokens at the time of the snapshot, August 22nd! (c)



Let's explore NFTs?


Gem Hunters from Spacemind brought us a cool tool. With its help you can see the status of NFT-projects: how many sold, the average price and so on.



DexGuru meditates & updates

NEWS hot hot

dexguru has provided us a doc with its updates! What's there?

– You can now chart and trade any tokens on the BSC and Polygon (previously Matic) networks;

– You can use DexGuru on your phone;

– Evaluate tokens by using a new Market Screener;


Some more airdrops :)

Autumn soon! Drops are welcome!

Vogu will make an airdrop for HODLers.


Star Atlas


Star Atlas is a mupliplayer game. Let's see what they've prepared for us?


On August 26, 2021, FTX, Raydium and Apollo-X will host the sale of the highly anticipated tokens of the Solana-powered Star Atlas metaverse, ushering in the next era of play-to-earn enabled GameFi revolution. In the two IDOs, additional allocation of ATLAS and POLIS tokens will be available to holders of meta-posters.

To ensure a fair and transparent launch of its tokens in eligible jurisdictions worldwide, Star Atlas is launching an Initial exchange offering (IEO) on FTX and an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on both Apollo-X and Raydium launchpad platforms.



See you later!

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