👾 Degen Stuff: Tokenize your memorize. Edition №126

18 August | by

Hey Moni Maker

Yesterday VR NFT visited Gem City. Not only VR NFTs were presented by these guys but Memorize Tokenazation also. This tool can help you to tokenized your memory and send it via the Internet to someone or a group of people. Tokenization takes only 15 minutes, but the result is 100%.

Follow our Telegram and Twitter and you won't have to tonenize your memory! We'll do everything for you, because...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Polkalaunch ($POLA) listing on Uniswap;

2️⃣ Bold Badgers will emerge on August 18th on #Solana Be ready.


Whitelists to follow!

Mr White


Make your lie easier

And your NFTs closer!

Digest makes your life easier too! And...

Mr Simon Fremaux, the creator of ❲sol❳Seedlings, made a great website which "allows you to go through all the collections you have items of, "select them" (i.e put them in a cart) and then do a "mass listing" where you click click click... to sign the orders!" (c)

DYOR on it! And we continue.



We were waiting for it?!?

SuperRare Network gave us a drop! $RARE token drop. Highlights:

The $RARE curation token will be used as the primary vehicle to onboard a growing network of curators, galleries, and collectives - all functioning as SuperRare Spaces: independently curated storefronts on SuperRare.

These curation decisions will be enacted using token-based voting with the community’s participation and implementation by the SuperRare Council.

Finally, SuperRare is expanding to become a multi-contract platform - enabling artists to create custom, bespoke NFT minting contracts through a feature we're calling Sovereign Smart Contracts.

If you wanna know more, dive into the Medium post!


Prospew will answer you!


Baba Vanga project aka Prosper posted a BIG document with answers. Answers for questions from the community. What questions are there?

When the phone app is made, will there be a promotional campaign for people not in crypto to make the prediction?

How would The whole Prometeus ecosystem (prom, pros, ignite and stoa) be integrated into the Prosper prediction platform and what would be the utility of $PROS token for the holders?


IRON is stable. Once again

just joke, wish u luck!

After IronSwap and IronLend, we are certain that many of our fans and antagonist have most waited for this building block. (c)

*Epic music*

And now...

- Stablecoin launch scheduled for August

- Over-collateralized and soft-pegged

- Strong integration with IronSwap and IronLend

Enough! There is no so much place in Digest! He can't be so fat! Wanna know more?


Crypto Feminism


It's WoW! But noithing about Warcraft here, be sure.

DYOR on World of Women is needed?


Moon? Apollo? Again!


Apollo DAO is more than a regular liquidity aggregator on Terra. The project is a collaborative, community-driven project aiming to enhance the farming experience. Apollo will be the first revenue management platform to use cross-chain and sophisticated DeFi strategies, exploring the gamification of NFT and other innovative money management products, and under this DAO for money management Warchest is the project fund that will generate 99% of the platform revenue.

The exact launch date of the project is not known, but in the near future there will be alpha testing, so fly to the guys in Discord and follow the updates on our Twitter.


Hair in my MISO

a bug, a buuug!!!

The past few hours feel like a blur, almost as though no time has passed at all. I had gone from encounter to discovery in a little over half an hour, disclosure in 20 minutes, war room in another 30, and a fix in three hours. All in all, it took only five hours to protect 350 million USD from falling into the wrong hands. (c)


A beautiful city, the city is yours and mine ...

hidden gems

Post is dedicated to hidden gems. Just take a look at this great collection on OpenSea!

Take five minutes and get into this art. Cool!



See you later!

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