๐Ÿ‘พ Degen Stuff: Gem City wanna play? Edition โ„–143

10 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

Today, Valve announced a new platform for the Play-2-Earn games. It will be available for Gem City citizens only. Let us remind you, that after the Great Mass Adoption, Valve started to create P2E games only.

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Letโ€™s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1๏ธโƒฃ LUKSO NFT drop at 13:00 UTC.


Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1๏ธโƒฃ Thetan Arena Polkastarter Whitelist - up to 12.09;

2๏ธโƒฃ Flippies โ€”First NFT IDO on Solanium WL - 10.09.


Wanna have music NFT?

Binance has!

Digest loves NFTs p.2. And Digest loves the music! Go!

In the tweet you will find the music NFTs. Maybe soon music heroes will make their clips as NFTs? Maybe.

And we continue!


You wanna know more about this integration


Yes, $MOVR will integrate with @lidofinance!

Too much text, sorry. So here is it, you can DYOR on it.


Blocto is running on Impossible Finance's track to IDO!


So! DeFi Incubator Impossible Finance has said that they will have their third IDO with Blocto aka BLT.

We've written about Blocto a couple of times before. Here's about the token, for example. DYOR on it, plz.

IDO details:

Launchpad Sale Hard Cap: 200,000 USD (split into multiple pools)

- Standard pool: 100,000 USD

- Unlimited pool: 100,000 USD

Token Sale Format: Staking Subscription

Public Sale Token Price: 1 BLT = 0.4 BUSD

Staking Period: 14 Sept 5:00 AM (UTC) to 28 Sept 5:00 AM (UTC).

Let's get more?


GEMS for Solana cats


So! The first gem is a Solana Aggregator! It's here. They also have a governance token. DYOR on it:

Also, PLEASE check this amazing thread! Here this guy is talking about ALL tools you need to be a Solana NFT killer. The Opensea copy, data researcher and so on.


How to start your Avalanche farming?

it's easy!

Yield Farming on Avalanche? Easy! Here is the guide explaining how to add Avalanche to MetaMask, how to create the bridge and so on.

Have a great farming time, bro!



on air(drop)

Users who are locked in the Basic Lock or Lock Plus contracts on Polygon will be airdropped Arbitrum ADDY. Get locked today! (c)

Each user will receive 1 Arbitrum ADDY for each boost point they have on the Polygon network.

The snapshot date for this airdrop is still to be determined and will allow time for users in our legacy lock to participate. To be eligible make sure to lock your ADDY in our Basic Lock or Lock Plus as soon as possible. More news on that snapshot is forthcoming.

To be very clear, the Polygon network will continue to be the main home of the Adamant platform. Polygon will remain as one of the top L2 scaling solutions because transactions on it are much cheaper than transactions on Arbitrum.



See you later!

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