👾 Degen Stuff: JPEG NFT Winter is coming. Edition №146

15 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

Today, Gem City DAO stated that NFT Winter is coming. That's why they decided to create a special warm NFT making a summer forever. You just should buy a VR machine to feel the summer at home!

Follow our Telegram and Twitter to avoid winter. We will bring some summer days to you fast, because...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

2️⃣ Integral Uni Listing;

3️⃣ 0xvampire - Presale Starts 15:00 UTC.


Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ Rangers Protocol’s IDO Whitelist (Polkastarter). It will be closed at Sept 17, 12:00 AM UTC

2️⃣ Vera Partners with Polkastarter for its Flagship IDO Launch. It will be closed at Sept 17, 04:00 AM UTC.


OpenSea is going down:(

Volumes are....

Digest? Open Digest Sea!

Trading volume on the @opensea Marketplace fell from $349 million to $1.7 million (by 99%).

Ok, no panic! We saw the same occasions this year, right?

And we continue!


Hurry Up! Liquidifty is here!

The last day :)

Liquidifty is making a competition! The best NFT artist should win, really?

Here is the instruction on this competition, just check it and do it step-by-step ro participate.

Then dive into their chat to ask any questions you want, ok?


The Current Bear Market

We love reading!

Zeneca_33 is a famous NFT influencer. So Zeneca_33 published an article on the current market.

"We are going through an NFT bear market right now." (c). How to survive living in the NFT bear market?

Also, Zeneca answered for the question "So am I buying or selling right now?". Yeah, check it here.


Cronje...what's up?

Fantom or Loot?!

Cronje loves RPG. And he loves mystery. Oh...


Huh, punks on Arbitrum now?


Yeah, yeah, looks like that. The punks are going to Arbitrum. They're promising a giveway for 500 mined punks, spending at least 30% of their earnings on marketing and stuff like that.

Minting cost 0.05 ETH. DYOR!


And some more about Arbitrum...


– Mainnet is live;

– More than $2B TVL;

Our infographic will show you the Arbitrum projects, yo!



See you later!

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