👾 Degen Stuff: Will Bank City become part of Gem City? Edition №162

8 October | by

Hey Moni Maker

Interesting news came today from Bank City. Residents are tired of waiting months at a time for transactions, tired of centralization. Some residents are ready to rally for the city to hold a referendum to become part of Gem City and begin receiving Gems.

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Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Sienna launches its swap at 13:00 UTC.


Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ DC FanDome Registration. The translation will come on Oct 16, 17:00 UTC;

2️⃣ BCM Hunt Whitelising. IDO will start Oct 12.


Who will help El Salvador?

Check the project

Digest loves degen things, not news. Because you can check the news here. But this one is ok, let’s go to it!

A new alliance between Banco Hipotecario, TESOBE - the company behind the Open Bank Project, API3, Qredo and Sovryn will bring forth the next generation of Blockchain applications offering open banking solutions to provide financial inclusion to all in El Salvador.

And we continue!


Meme about the airdrop man

Just a meme

Ok. Meme. Keep scrolling.


Keeping an eye on Beta Finance

Binance, thx!

Beta Finance is Binance's 21st Launchpad project. BETA will conduct its listing on October 8.

Bros have a good TVL of $2300MM!

DYOR and check the project, good?


Liquidifty loves updates, don't you?


The Liquidifty guys continue to work hard like Daddy. Except they're not sawing a talking tree, they're making an entire NFT ecosystem on BSC. Well, if you've forgotten, there's more.

- Short Links

Now you can use short links in format https://app.liquidifty.io/@iamtruetrader

- Previews have been improved

NFT previews now look richer, brighter and more interesting!

- Updated UI


The Gem Trinity

Curve, AAVE, Avalanche!

Yesterday we wrote about AAVE on Avalanche, and today we're already writing about Curve as well.

Because Curve masters posted a vid with a link to their pool car.



What are our Defiant colleagues making?


Well, okay, not just colleagues. But Defiant are our fellow navigators in the cryptocurrency ocean. Cool!

The guys have been making DeFi-content for 2 years now, and there they are preparing a DeFi-terminal!

"The Defiant Terminal helps track market and on-chain data, for the protocols, applications and tokens in decentralized finance. Analyze DeFi data using real-time data from reliable sources, across customizable tables and graphs."



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