Degen Stuff: Gem Dev and Gem Design. Edition №164

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It's cloudy in Gem City today. So the Gem Education Center has decided to make its main courses accessible indefinitely. All you have to do is claim them, and that's it! The courses stay with you forever. The opportunity to train to be a Gem Dev or Gem Designer doesn't come along every day, huh?

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Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them


Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ DC FanDome Registration. The translation will come on Oct 16, 17:00 UTC.


NFT from scam

Mitnik, what about you?

Digest loves NFTs, but he doesn’t love scams. But...

Wolfgang Beltracchi used to sell fake paintings and make dough off of them. Then they caught him by the hand like a bit of pussy and threw him in jail to rot for three years.

So where was he supposed to go but to crypto? This man has launched his NFT collection. It starts on October 18th at 18:00 UTC. In the meantime, you can have a look at the virtual museum on his website.

Here's what the website says: "The artist takes you on a journey through the history of art by recreating Leonardo da Vinci’s alleged Salvator Mundi, channelling the styles of seven masters including Picasso, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, and more…."

He used to go to prison for such actions; now, he can make a sold-out.

P.S. Looks like Oblivion

And we continue!


They wanted to go through Moon to Saturn, but it turned out to be a crap

shit happens

Long story short. Project Saturn launched on MoonPad, with the help of MoonSwap. Saturns raised the dough and then rug pulled.

MoonSwap gave them 24 hours to get all the money back. The community has banded together against the scammers and is ready to follow the funds, or maybe not only follow - we don't know,

What would MoonSwap have to write to get Saturns to get the money back? Share your options!

MoonBeans has created a special tool to emergency withdraw funds from SaturnBeam finance's V2 contracts.


WAT ftx will not pay royalty go here you are Sam


A newly published FAQ states, “we will reject any NFT from a collection/project that distributes or advertises the distribution of royalties to NFT holders.”

Royalties are a relatively new concept when it comes to NFTs. It is to give back a portion of the fees generated when NFTs are bought and sold on marketplaces to token holders — known as royalties. The idea is that this should incentivize buyers to hold for the long term. But marketplaces are concerned that this could make the JPEGs fall foul of U.S. securities laws.

FTX.US president Brett Harrison said, “We will list NFT projects that pay royalties to the artists/creators, but we can’t list those projects which distribute the royalties from collection sales to NFT holders. A token which guarantees you a percentage income stream from the sales of a pool of assets starts to look like a security.”


I want to kill some jerks in Legends of Listeria


Well, we talked about Legends of Listeria right here. There's a post about the Play-2-Earn platform Realis with three games; read it because it's interesting.

And now the guys released the Legends of Listeria trailer, which you can watch here. The game should be out very soon, so take your binoculars and watch it.

And by the way, don't forget to get early access; to kill monsters was a little more enjoyable.

What do you expect from the game?


Be careful working with Binance!!!

or we will kick your ass

If you use VPN and work with Binance, better not connect to US and North Korea servers. Use Europe and so on, otherwise there can be failures in work all sorts of unpleasant.

For example, you may be forced to pass the KYC and prove that you are not American. A hassle.

Anyway, what VPN do you use? Or you don't?


Burn burn burn, motherf****, burn!

bloodhound gang

We have already burned 500,000 ETHs! You can see the exact number right here.

Anyway, we suppose it's a great reason to enter our chat and start some conversation, hah? At least, you could right some positive vibes for us, bro! We need your support and love.

Thank you!



See you later!

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