Degen Stuff: Squid Gem Game | Edition №168

18 October | by

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Gem City is the cultural capital of the Earth, and today the city's residents proved it. Townspeople dressed up as their favourite characters from "Dr House," "The Squid Game," "Dexter", and "Breaking Bad" to take selfies in front of the Gem Building and turn them into NFTs.

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Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Only1NFT. Sale. 12:00 UTC.


Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ PORTAL whitelist;


Dota2 as a Play-To-Earn game? Hero Arena indabuilding!


Digest loves games, and you?

Dear Pudge, do you like going to the mid and killing noobs? GG BB!

The guys from Hero Arena were inspired by Dota and decided to make a Play-To-Earn game. In the game you will be able to earn tokens and so on. Hero Arena will have 20,000 heroes, 5 different factions and races.

Heroes will spawn with different level of rarity: Immortal, Legendary, Rare, Elite и Common.

And now write down the dates. Oct 19 you will see the IGO on Seedify Launchpad. Oct 20 the public will come. Check more here, hero!

Also, dive into the chat, hero Chad. But remember, that it's not the Dota 2 chat! Do not shit talk about moms, plz.

And we continue!


O-O-O. O3 on Arbitrum!

my life my staking

O3 Swap has launched the Ice Age Mining #5 on Arbitrum network start from 4 AM, 15th October 2021 (UTC), supporting USDT cross-chain liquidity mining (ERC-20/BEP-20/Arbitrum) and O3 (Arbitrum) mining.

– Staked O3 is not available to unstake during the event:

1,700,000 Arbitrum blocks (around 55 days).

– All rewards need to be unlocked.

Two Mining Ways to Earn O3:

1) Stake LP-USDT

2) Stake 03

And if you still don't know what Arbitrum is, welcome to read our guide!


Crosschain for the soul? Li.finance.


Bridges can be different, and you know how they sometimes help. And what if in the future you won’t even realize that you’re using a bridge?

Li.finance has taken a step into the future and it is blazing a new trail among crosschain aggregators. Let’s get to know each other better, okay?


FOX, but not Metamask

FOX and NFTs!

Fox has invested $100 million in its new Blockchain Creative Labs division, which handles NFTs. Yesterday,10,000 free “Miss Masky” NFTs in “The MaskVerse” collection were claimed by fans in ten hours. Demand was so great that Fox gave away another 10,000 of them today.

Each ERC-721 and 1155 collectible features a character from the Mask Singer television series and is minted on the Eluv.io blockchain. In Exchange for the NFTs, users had to register their digital wallets on MaskVerse.com.

Hey yo! Every1 has NFTs! Apple, how are you there?!


Tron is Sony. Sony is on Tron.


Last Friday, Twitter streets were talking about the integration of Sony and Tron to make cool crypto games. But the Tron Godfather, aka Justin Sun, was silent.

And now Mr Sun announced the announcement. Let's see what Oct 20 will bring to us!


What about the portfolio?


We closed the last Friday! But we didn’t buy anything, yuy.

Plz, give your opinions on what we should buy next?



See you later!

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