👾 Degen Stuff: Foretaste. Edition #39

3 May | by

Hey #Moni Maker 🐸

It's raining in Gem City today. The government wanted to use Gem Powers to stop the rain, but they couldn't....because all Gems were collected by Moni Talks. Citizens also noticed, that rain can be used to generate more gems by Gem Powers. The government will launch new versions of Gem Powers this autumn to reach this goal.

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🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Globe Public sale;

2️⃣ Plethori - 14:00 UTC: Uniswap Exchange Listing;

3️⃣ LEVER SHO registration will start by DAO Maker;

4️⃣ bRing listing on DEX.


Whitelists to follow!

Black & Yellow. White & Bright

1️⃣ Lever Seed SHO WL - until 04.05;

2️⃣ Mozik IDO on GenPad WL - until 05.05;

3️⃣ APIS IDO WL open approximate 10 days from 30.04;

4️⃣ Relite Finance Whitelist (PAID Ignition);

5️⃣ Polkastarter Whitelist CyberHeist 🔥 until May 6, 12:00 UTC;

6️⃣ SingularityDAO WL - until 05.05 12 PM UTC.

7️⃣ WeStarter announced #Whitelist YFX.COM🔥 until May 3, 16:00 UTC;

8️⃣ TrustPad Public Sale Whitelist is now LIVE, Whitelist ends: 5th of May 12:00 UTC;

9️⃣ GreenHeart IDO whitelist.


Solana, we know everything about you!

You won't hide yourself, SOLANA

Let's start the digest with a cool TG Channel.

These Solana heads post news about Solana: everything you have to know about Solana. Solana...m....

Russian only, but you can use Google Translate. It works fine.




Ray Shill Again. Hm...


Drops 101

Vault 101. Not Pip Boy 3000!

Block Telegraph has posted an article which will help you to understand DROPS better.

As you remember, Drops is a platform that brings DeFi-style infrastructure to NFTs, providing some much needed utility for otherwise-idle NFT assets.  (yes, we just copied it)


At the heart of the Drops DeFi mechanism is dNFT, a protocol which mints ERC20 tokens representing pooled NFT assets. 

Using these NFT-backed tokens, users can finally leverage more tangible benefits from NFTs via a variety of functions, such as:

– Obtain instant access to liquidity

– Fractionalize NFT assets while retaining their ownership

– Obtain trustless NFT loans

– Earn yield with NFT vaults.

Full. Read. Now!




The ‘First Life’ on Genpad — MOZIK. They mean IDO, of course.


Mozik seeks to utilize blockchain to help increase efficiencies in the online music industry, improve transparency and reduce transaction costs.

Copyright protection — Mozik decentralizes copyrights through the blockchain using NFTs, which can be used for copyright confirmation and infringement monitoring

Trading of music derivatives — These decentralized IPs can be traded, creating a derivatives market around it

Integration of music and capital — By issuing a token asset for IP, innovative financing methods become available

Key Token Metrics for MOZIK

Whitelist process for the MOZIK PreIDO is here! Check?!


babelfish in the ocean

sharks, go away!

Ok, fish! Please, introduce yourself!

BabelFish: BabelFish's mind-boggling objective is to enhance flow between USD-stablecoins and accelerate hyperBitcoinization.

Stablecoin deposits are lent out across the DeFi space and the yield is invested in rBTC for insurance, managed by FISH holders.

Briefly, these stablecoins heads makes stablecoins great (again?!). Let's see how they work:

First, let's see how fiat-backed stablecoin issuers such as USDC and USDT work in essence:

User sends fiat to issuer

Issuer mints stablecoin to user

Issuer invests collateral in short-term fiat money markets (e.g. T-Bills) to earn revenue

User can redeem fiat at any time 1:1

Check their website to know more, Moni Maker! Nemo would love it, and you?


Why airdrop COPE

NEXT AIRDROP?! woohoo!

Ok, COPE brings good news. Ok. Good!


APY Vision BSC edition


Here. Thank us later.



See you later!

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