👾 Degen Stuff: Baby Girl. Edition #4

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Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


Only one cash I love

Banks, how do you like it? 🤔

Let these guys speak...Cash...sound interesting in crypto!

🎙Cash Tech is one application to store, spend, stake, exchange, and loan cryptocurrency assets

Today (March 22) these guys are going to launch the public sale! The link, don't miss it!

Will you dive into???


New Public Sale on Balancer

XMen? No! Xend!

Xend? Who are you?!

🎙 Xend Finance is the first DeFi Credit Union and the first company to build on Binance Smart Chain out of Africa.

Xend Finance will hold a public sale on Balancer in LBP format.

📆 March 22 15:00 UTC - March 24 15:00 UTC. We have much time to explain how it works, but the link has!


Dora the Explorer!

Help Dora Find Profits!

New guests, let them induce themselves!

🎙 WeStarter is a token distribution platform based on the Heco network (Huobi eco-chain).

They will launch Dora Factory (DORA) which is the DAO-as-a-Service infrastructure for on-chain governance and open source ventures on March 22nd at 14:00 SGT. Whitelist is open for registration.

Whitelist? Tokenomics? Just a text to kill you time? Here.


OTD no, ATD!


Should we introduce you A2DAO? We mentioned them in our last digest, check here.

ATD token will be listed on Uniswap at March 22, 2021, about 17.00 UTC


Top 7 Upcoming Events This Week

Events like Tony Stark

Check them now. Thank us later.



Raydium is faster than Rayman

If you are a pool lover, you can't miss this great deal.


NBAtopshot drop!

Basketball = Drop

🔹 Drop Time: March 22 at 19:00 UTC

🔹 Pack price: $14

🔹 Number of packs: 67,500

🔹 Number of moments in pack: 5

🔹 Eligibility: Acc must own 1 moment


Private Drops!

Wanna be an elite?

Application process is still open. Please complete the form, be as specific as you can on what value can you bring to Drops 🙏 Drops will be reviewing all applications one by one and will make an announcement once the process is over. Stay tuned! 😎



Sounds like a person from warhammer?

Hm...you have a fascinating name! Who are you?

🎙 Sigmadex is a decentralised perpetual liquidity protocol for tokenized assets built on Polkadot and governed by its community.

▶️ Features: Game Theory, Cross-Chain, Liquidity Focused, Algorithmic Collateralization Engine and more.

▶️ Token Price

▪️Public Sale Price: TBA

▪️Private Sale Price: $0.039

▪️Strategic Sale Price: $0.025

▪️Seed Sale Price: $0.0135

▶️ Token Details

▪️Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

▪️Initial Supply: 23,857,549

▪️Initial Marketcap: $930,444

▪️Public Sale/IDO: April/May 2021

Do you wanna know more info? Yes, you wanna!



Yes, a new one!

Any more comments? Don't tell us you didn't see it!



Buterin, bulls or bulls?

How many ETHs do you hodl?


Coinbase don't wanna make IPO

This month 😳

Coinbase postponed IPO from March to April. Coindesktold us.


k21.kanon.art listing


What is it??? A new crypto mystery???

Etherscan could you tell us?


Float A New Era

Ok, just a round

We tried to describe it. But we couldn't. You have to see it yourself.


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