👾 Degen Stuff: Weather Dependence. Edition #51

17 May | by

Hey #Moni Maker 🐸

Today Gem City Citizens complained of abnormal heat. +35 gems every day during the week! Gem City authorities will solve this problem using Gem Weather Center.

Our Telegram and Twitter will help you to feel yourself better. They'll do it fast, because...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ LaunchX Token Distribution;

2️⃣ SushiSwap will release its own launchpad, MISO on May 17th;

3️⃣ Relite UniSwap listing;

4️⃣ BEST PancakeSwap listing - 4:30 pm UTC.


📧 Whitelists to follow!

Black & Yellow. White & Bright

1️⃣ Moonstarter Whitelist;

3️⃣ Evanesco ITO Date & Whitelist Campaign Rules;

4️⃣ ParaLink IDO on PolkaStarter WL - until 18.05;

5️⃣ NFTMart IDO whitelist.


Whales, we are sharks!

Communism we love

Whitelist from Formation.Fi. Let's join?


The first BIG Partnership

SpaceMind, we love you!

Bulk is a new Space.Mind friend. What else we can say here?

It's a great reason to follow Space.Mind on Twitter and visit their website:)


Babelfish call

Call me ur fish!

Babelfish gonna have a community call. Wanna be there?


Cronje. No fights now

Andre. No boxing now

Andre tweeted about liquidity adding. Scroll.


SHIELD Agents and friends

More friends!

Plethori is a new SHIELD partner now! Plethori is decentralized Cross-chain ETF Trading Platform and ETF Creation Protocol built on Polkadot

Wanna know more about this partnership? Welcome!


Lixir. What is it?

YouTube we love

A small vid (1:50) about Lixir. We'll follow it! Maybe some gems are there.


What Solanium have?

What can they show?

Highlight: The public sale tokens as well as the airdrop tokens will be distributed on the 23rd of May.

But, if you wanna know more, visit Medium.


Are you $FORM?

Or you are $FROM?!


The $FORM Token

IDO date: Early June, 2021 (Exact Date TBA on May 31, 2021)

IDO site: TBA on May 31, 2021

Liquidity pairs: TBA on May 31, 2021

Whitelist Begins: TBA

Liquidity mining begins: 6–9 weeks after IDO (subject to change)

All numbers and info here.



See you later!

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