👾 Degen Stuff: Bear Attack. Edition #53

19 May | by

Hey #Moni Maker 🐸

Breaking news! Today, in the suburbs of Gem City, bears bit the hunters! Doctors say the bears have infected the hunters with the FOMO virus. In the evening, Moni Talks will open the collection of donations for the victims.

Follow our Telegram and Twitter and bears will never attack you. Notice, that usually bears are really slowly, but...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ APE Tools Public Sale;

2️⃣ Mercurial Finance will be launching on AcceleRaytor;

3️⃣ Sake auction on MISO start;

4️⃣ DAOSquare ITO:

👻Round 1: Start time: 13:00pm May 19th, UTC;

👻Round 2: Start time: 15:00pm May 19th, UTC.


📧 Whitelists to follow!

Black & Yellow. White & Bright

1️⃣ Solpad Whitelist will end 11PM UTC May 25th;

3️⃣ Evanesco ITO Date & Whitelist Campaign Rules;

4️⃣ NFTMart IDO whitelist.


Are you real Degen?

Degen Pro or Degen Max?!

Let's start the digest with a Twitter thread. Some interesting info is there. Check it.


Who are cool guys?

completed SEED round!

DeltaTheta has successfully completed SEED round! These P2P heads are awesome, you should check their project carefully. But let's speak about the round, ok?

Highlights: The total amount of the funds raised during SEED is equal to $375,000.

Also, these guys are waiting for your feedback on product: LINK

And they say...they have much cool news ahead! Check the Medium Post, #Moni Maker. Links are coming!


Real Mask!

Not a speculator

Nym is building the next generation of privacy infrastructure. (they describe themself on Twitter this way)

And now these guys have started a partnership with Mask Network.

Medium Post. Too much text there, sry.


SHIELD Agents and Airdrop!

The reason to live

Wow! 10000 $BULL tokens for 1 $SHLD token is a cool deal! Also, don't forget that SHIELD will conduct IDO on Ignition today.


Are you Hacken?

Now I am

In the previous digest we asked the next question. WEN HAPI ON SOLANA? Now we see this partnership. Thank you for so quick answer! We'll come back to you soon.


Twitter Threads are my live

Become smarter!

Briefly: Several more projects are being launched on the synthetics protocol, the tokens of which will be distributed to those who stack SNX. A total of 4 airdrops are planned: Thales, Aelin, Lyra, Kwenta. Thank us Later!


Solana Summer starterpack

Solana always Sunny!

Sollet is a classic wallet. ETH-SOL bridge is available.

Phantom is a UI / UX-oriented wallet from a bright future. Beta now.

The official page of the Solana ecosystem.

Solana spreadsheet - is a Solanians Solana spreadsheet, all popular project are here.

Solana projects - spreadsheet from Chris McCann.

Source and more. (Russian)


Didn't forget about NFT?

Hope you remember



Twitter thread..bla-bla-bla

The last one!

"Today we have witnessed the manipulation of XVS price"... okay, let's end this digest with this thread. Ok? Ok.



See you later!

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