👾 Degen Stuff: GemVID19. Edition #75

14 June | by

Hey #Moni Maker 🐸

Today Gem City Doctor Center made a conclusion, that Gem Mania and FOMO are not the only viruses our Gem Planet can meet next months. Because doctors from other cities report, that GemVID 19 is alive now. It's a fusion of coronavirus and Gem Mania. People who catch it, start to buy high and sell the dip. In addition, that virus attack the brain, so the infected one can forget all seed phrases. Please, be careful!

Our Telegram and Twitter will try to defend you. Don't waste your time for placebo, because...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Swarm sale begins on June 14, 17:00 UTC;

2️⃣ Mars Ecosystem IDO jn Launch Zone;

3️⃣ HoDooi IDO on Paid;

4️⃣ WEXpoly farming start;

5️⃣ Siberian Swap. 14:00 UTC.


📧 Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ Lithium Finance IDO WL.

2️⃣ CrossWallet IDO WL on TronPAD;

3️⃣ KSM starter Private sale whitelist is now open!

4️⃣ Efinity PublicSale WL on CoinList - up to 18.06

5️⃣ HolaDAO IDO WL - up to 16.06;

6️⃣ Human Public Sale Wl on CoinList - up to 15.06.


8️⃣ MoonEdge Whitelist + Airdrop is Now Open.


Don't forget swap aggregators

Oki doki

Ok, #Moni Maker. New Digest should be started with some swap aggregators, let's refresh your memory, ok?

Which one is your favorite? Use each to get the best :) And we coninue!


Solanium Update!

SLIM I called u

Nice update from Solanium. We hope that $SLIM will show amazing charts too soon :)


Track DeFi Yields!

Never Was So Eazy!

This tool will help you to track DeFi Yields. It's not a commercial project, so be ready to meet bugs, downtimes and so on. Also, not all sources have been added yet.

If you have some feedback, questions or wishes, visit this chat (Russian only!)


PEPE croaks with hype


The first AI-(de)generated collectibles on BSC. Only 7777 neural pepes will ever exist. (с)

Cryptopunks Pepe? Or what? No, no, we don't tell our minds regarding the project. DYOR.

Website! Only 1801 left.


Zeus likes it

Will Solana like it back?

No highlights, because some important info can be missed. So check this doc yourself, you can read? We hope so.

Ok, and here you can vote for this guys.


Crypto Predictions

Baba Vanga, please go sleep

🤔 🏃‍♀️ 🤑


Does the community need such dapps? (c)

no lol (lol yes)

If you have a Twitter account, you can visit replies of this lord and answer him.



See you later!

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