👾 Degen Stuff: New Gem Stream! Edition #99

13 July | by

Hey #Moni Maker 🐸

Today, Double Top Ship will land in Gem City to visit Moni Talks Stream! If you know Russian, welcome to the party. If you don't, please no worries. One day we'll be making English streams too. Gem City deserves it!

Our Telegram and Twitter will cove it. Also as our YouTube. We'll be speaking about gems only, because...

We appreciate your Time. Time is Moni.

Let’s start our daily show! Guests, come in!


🎊 Actual Events!

The world will be destroyed if you miss them

1️⃣ Blocto Public Sale;

2️⃣ SuperLastic at 20:00 UTC;

3️⃣ KCCLaunch IDO.


📧 Whitelists to follow!

Mr White

1️⃣ Polytrade IDO WL on PolkaStarter - up to 14.07;


Are you Genie?

nft master

Okay, our Digest should start here.

Genie is looking for beta testers. In short, it's an NFT platform that will help you buy, sell, and trade across all NFT and token markets instantly. DYOR on it, ok?

Fill out this form to participate. And we continue!


Hip Hop? No! Hop Protocol

wordplays are everything

HopProtocol is a protocol for sending tokens across rollups and their shared layer-1 network in a quick and trustless manner (c) Anyway, the describe themselfes this way.

Now, these guys are launching a new bridge between ETH, Polygon, and xDai. Multi-chain bridge 4 life!

Use it, after your good DYOR.


Delta is your teacher

Ok, let's study!

Today, DeltaTheta would like to explain to you what is Volatility. And we should Know it, of course.

Quote: "Volatility is one of the cornerstones of option valuation. If we talk about the factors that influence the value of the option, then this is the current price, strike, a number of days until expiration, and volatility (of course, there is also a risk-free rate in the Black-Scholes model, but we will not waste time on this)."

After this post, you'll get this thing clear. Save it and let's continue this Digest!


Every1 loves threads

Twitter threads, ofc

Twitter bro Supercycled will tell you about his frontrun bot, sandwich attack and

If you are dev, check this thread. This Twitter man is looking for devs to cooperate together.


Akash loves its community

so sweeeet

Yup, Akash (do we really need to introduce these guys?!) posted a video from their community guy. What this is vid about?

"Here's a quick video demo of the current state of our MVP deploy ui tool. We're close to releasing a closed beta to have it properly tested and then released to the community. Hope you like what you see and bare with me I do this stuff on my personal time!" - the video meets such this way. Enjoy!


EtherDrops Bot new Home

Polygon is

Telegram bot named EtherDROPS6_bot is on Polygon now!

If you don't know anything about this boy, here is the info: "Notification bot for ALL coins and DeFi projects. Receive notifications of price movements and liquidity pool change"

Wanna use it?


CHI gas token

why you are here?

Don't forget, that 1inch Network releases cool vids that will tell you more about the crypto market. Today you'' know about Gas Chi token.

Only 1:15! It's fast!


No Horny!

NFT cringe

This project is called TheKamaGang. Could you please tell us, does sex brin good sales? Even in 2021?!

Anyway, DYOR on it, if you liked it. Find 69 one :D


Do Not Drop The Deport


DROPS is here with the new report.

First of all, they are Parsiq partners now.

Also they provided some Development Updates::

Loans 100%

Launch date: July 14.

Liquidation bot 100%

Ready to launch.

veDop 97%

Contracts ready, connecting to user interface. Working on page responsiveness for veDOP staking.

To check the marketing activity and so on go here, good.



See you later!

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