👾 Degen Stuff: Whom did Gem City choose? Edition №137

2 September | by

Hey Moni Maker

Today, Gem City had an election. Citizens decided to remove Hall and make all decisions with a DAO system only. Mayor and his team came to find alphas and early projects with Gem Hunters.

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Actual Events!

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Whitelists to follow!

Mr White


BlockArt Art Block

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Andre On Pills

Relapse Edition

Here Mr. Andre is speaking about Pills. The NFT project that can flip CryptoPunks, maybe.

In this Digest we'll provide you some more NFT projects you can DYOR on. DYOR!

So Pills is the first one, it's here!


Fantom has news

And u?

Here we'll provide you some news about Fantom. Ok? Highlights:

Fantom Foundation has agreed to the biggest liquidity mining event with liquidity providers set to receive over a 1M FTM per month over 12 months. Liquidity providers on Fantom can start mining FTM by depositing in any of the three pools on Fantom.

Swap stables and become a liquidity provider on: https://ftm.curve.fi/

Curve continues its expansion on side-chains like Polygon, Fantom, xDai and soon Avalanche and Celo. We are also excited to be joining our first L2: Arbitrum in the coming weeks.

Coinbase supports Fantom mainnet. FTM is for users!


Some NFT projects for DYOR


Here we will show you some NFT projects for your DYOR. Please, do not Ape, even if you an an Ape, ok?

AVAX Apes is the first one. It's over, but you can DYOR on it and find some AVAX NFT projects maybe?

The White Room of the Museum is refined artwork of 4800 Museum Punks. There are currently 24 landmark days that have been recognized and deployed in this project and more to come with the creational help of the community.  (c) Lol! It's not the next one pfp project, but something bigger? Check yourself!

ICPPunks. The mint day was yesterday, but...the website met a crash. We, Moni Talks, couldn't mint it :(


What is love?

Buterin don't hurt me!

Elon Musk asked Buterin what love is. our answer is that love is low gas. What would you answer?



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