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Today many CIS countries celebrate Knowledge Day. Well, that's when disgruntled schoolchildren are dressed up in uncomfortable costumes, driven off to the schools, forced to smile for photos and give flowers to hated teachers. Also, Knowledge Day means summer is over.

But should you be sad when you have such an interesting Digest? Let's go!


Doggy Style? Doggy Ball!

Tennis < crypto

As Decrypt reports, Naomi Osaka has already dominated the tennis world, racking up four Grand Slam singles titles over the last three years and achieving the rank of the world’s top women’s tennis player. Now she’s potentially looking for success in another field: cryptocurrency investing.

Osaka is considering investing in crypto, and she told Bloomberg that her interest was piqued by Dogecoin, the popular meme coin. According to the story, Osaka’s agent pitched her the idea of investing in cryptocurrency, but she had already seen some of the social media buzz around Dogecoin. She’s reportedly “exploring” the space now.

“I was actually just talking with my agent about cryptocurrencies,” said Osaka. “I know that online, everything is getting bigger. I remember reading about Dogecoin … there’s going to be something new and interesting that’s going to pop up.”

So what?

Osaka! Before investing please read our article on meme coins. Ok, see you.


Robin Hood, the guards are coming for you!

Citizens are coming!

PayPal is considering buying or partnering with a broker-dealer to create its own stock trading service to compete with rivals such as' Robinhood, CNBC reported

The report notes that PayPal has held discussions with potential industry participants, but is unlikely to launch a new investment service this year. According to CNBC, PayPal's potential approval as a brokerage firm by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority could take more than eight months.

As part of the anticipated plan, PayPal has already hired brokerage industry insider Rich Hagen as the new CEO for its former division, known as Invest at PayPal. According to Hagen's LinkedIn page, he will be responsible for PayPal's "efforts to explore opportunities in consumer investing."

Hagen is co-founder and former president of Ally Invest, that acquired brokerage firm TradeKing in 2016. The new PayPal executive was also president of TradeKing, which he co-founded.


Prank for Pranksy!


Pranksy acquired the first NFT from Banksy. Or not.

He bought this NFT for 100ETH. Bought it as soon as he saw the link on Banksy's website. Now on the artist's website, there is no mention of NFT... But it's quite in the spirit of Banksy =)

A BBC reporter later said that it wasn't Banksy's work and the site may have been hacked.

One of The Block's analysts pointed out that the wallet which funded the creation of this NFT had a bunch of suspicious transactions - money from Binance without KYC, Tornado, and he also played Dice2Win.

Well, good for you!

UPDATE. Money have been returned.


1inch, you are flexing!


From now on, BitPay Wallet app users can use crypto swaps offered by 1inch without leaving the application.

BitPay users can swap BTC and ETH, purchased using the BitPay Card, ApplePay or GooglePay, for other crypto assets, benefitting from the best rates and fastest transactions via 1inch.


I love the bull smell, it's so great to me…


Offchain Labs, the developer of Ethereum scaling solution Arbitrum, has launched its mainnet.

The project has also raised $120 million in new funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Mark Cuban and others.


Bite your paws, dog!

Bite Bite Bite

Solana has overtaken Dogecoin in terms of capitalization. At the time of the post, Solana has $ 36,749,755,956, and Dogecoin has $ 36,726,290,401.


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

SEC. (Securities and Exchange Commission) is the main body for the supervision and regulation of the American securities market. For example, it was they who kicked off Telegram CEO with his TON.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


Meme of the Day


And you...buy Bitcoin! (it's a good time!)


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