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Hey #Moni Maker πŸ—Ώ

Today, in 1970, the Interplanetary Station "Luna-16" brought the lunar soil to Earth. After 50 years, Elon Musk already plans to tow a 200 km wide asteroid 16 Psyche, consisting entirely of metals (including gold) to Earth, or to mine gold in the asteroid's "natural habitat" - between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. If restless Mask succeeds, it will dilute the existing gold stock so much that it would simultaneously give a heart attack to all gold bugs. So, we better stick with crypto - finite scarcity makes everything more clear.

Let’s go!


Projects which can do…


Airdrop from Uniswap passed by; life seems gray and uncomfortable? No problem!

Let's treat the depression studying these projects; they don't have a token yet. But! In the case of launch, they can give out some tokens to early users. For free.

So what?

FREE COINS! Yes, it may not happen. But the projects are really interesting, so please don't miss them.


DeFi < XRP

DeFi < XRP

Almost 6 billion USD are blocked in DeFi right now. At the same time, XRP capitalization is 7.6 billion.

Even if we take Bitcoin out of the picture, DeFi is only 4% of the total crypto market. This may indicate a huge potential growth for DeFi.

So what?

DeFi is still an infant - it will take time for it to even reach elementary school. Just wait a bit, let it grow up; DeFi has some major future plans πŸ˜‰.


Who raised $2 million?

Analytics rulez!!! 😜
The Dune Analytics service, which focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem,has attracted $2M.

The Dune Analytics service, which focuses on the Ethereum ecosystem,has attracted $2M.

Dune Analytics was founded in 2018, and since then has created 18,000different analyses, and this number continues to grow.

"Dune Analytics is a kind of product like GitHub. We give users access to a full range of data they can use for analysis and instantly share their results. This provides a clear understanding and detail on how these systems work," said Fredrik Haga, CEO, and co-founder of the platform.

The funds will be used to improve the product for both query creators and non-technical community members, making it easier to interact.

So what?

Analytics is becoming more and more important nowadays. We need to understand why/what/when people perform a certain action. We wish Dune Analytics good luck; we are sure that the guys will attract not only ETH fans, but a broader audience as well.


  • Binance Futures will add FTM/USDT with up to 50x leverage.

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