🌃 Scarlet dump! Blood spilled in the night!

2 June | by
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Hey #Moni Maker 🎸

Today in Russia people celebrate the Day of Healthy Eating. Of course, we all have a duty to follow a diet. Not only in food, but also digital. Any information that gets into your brain will remain there for a very long time. Maybe forever.

So let's put some really cool stuff in your brain! Let’s go!


Blood was shed in May

BTC suffered losses in May

May 2021 is the worst year in Bitcoin history.

Worst monthly rates in the last 5 years:

May 2021: -37%

November 2018: -36%

March 2018: -32%

January 2018: -27%

March 2020: -25%

So what?

Really. Market hysteria is still echoing in the trembling hands of traders who want to make a deal on the exchange. But a big dump is followed by a big pump? ... Not financial advice!


He knows everything about Bitcoin

He is Tony B.

Maestro Tony B. bursts into the Digest with the final post from the cycle! Your actions:

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And you can also write whether it is worth continuing such headings. We are waiting!

All models are wrong, some are useful. Part XIV: Bitcoin Bull Run Index (CBBI)

The cherry on the cake or CBBI

The Bitcoin Bull Run Index (CBBI) is an average based on the 11 metrics listed in this series of posts. CBBI is a particularly important indicator, because (as you may have noticed earlier) a number of the listed metrics, while showing impressive results, at times failed to provide the most accurate signals. By averaging the leading metrics, we can filter out the noise that certain models may produce from time to time.

This index will be especially useful for long-term investors, and this very approach to investing helps save nerves and minimize losses.

This concludes the series of "All models are wrong, some are useful" posts. Leave your comments and share your impressions - there is plenty more onchain data worth considering. If you've enjoyed your journey through long-term investing models, please let us know and we'll continue sharing similar content with you!



BTC Street

The big BTC holders are starting to buy back Bitcoin at lower prices again, and one particular whale that sold the bulk of the coins on the highest highs began to increase the number of bitcoins again.

Currently, an unknown user holds 107 thousand BTC on his wallet, which is equivalent to $ 4 billion at the current rate.

Buying and selling whales is seen as a major indicator of market sentiment as they often make large transfers in anticipation of a collapse in prices and start buying when they believe the market has hit a potential price bottom.

Thus, the current buying activity among the whales may indicate that the bottom of the BTC value may be close.


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And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉 (it's a good time!)


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