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Hey Moni Maker

Today, in 1965, the Beatles released the song "Yesterday. The song, though a hit song, is sad - here, a guy is catching FOMO, only not over the market, but over a girl. Gone, missed, what to do? Ugh!

Let's agree that we leave the past in the past, okay? Even your most unsuccessful moves on the market are in the past, too. And Digest is in the present. Let's go!


Bring the dough, yo, it's coming

Helicopters in the morning, helicopter airdrops

As Defiant reports, Margin trading protocol dYdX launched its native token with one of the largest distributions in decentralized finance.

dYdX dropped 7.5% of its initial billion-strong token supply on Sept 8. At the current price of $11.12, those 75M tokens are worth more than $800M. At one point the airdropped tokens’ value eclipsed $1B.

That’s up there with some of DeFi’s heaviest hitters — Uniswap’s massive airdrop last fall was initially worth about $750M though the UNI token’s appreciation pushes that figure over $3B today.

So what?

In short, FOMO goes to the moon. Yes, we want to run to swaps and swap swap swap to never miss any airdrop. But...DYOR!


Coffee for BTC?

Hot Coffee

In El Salvador, they accept BTC for coffee at Starbucks. You've probably already heard of McDonald's.

When will you be able to buy a beer in your city with Bitcoin? Or at least usdt?


They sued!

Everybody got sued!

The court case of Epic Games against Apple is over.

Apple won the court on 9 out of 10 points, but the last point is very important. It concerns the prohibition for developers to add links and mention alternative methods of payment. Now developers will be able to do that, and it opens up possibilities including cryptocurrency payments!

The judge also ruled that Apple was "illegally restricting consumer choice. But at the same time, the company is not a monopolist and its "success is not illegal.”

Also, Epic Games will have to pay compensation to Apple - 30% of the revenues generated by the introduction of alternative payment bypassing the App Store (which is 3.65 million dollars).


Cardano is launching smart contracts


Tonight, Cardano's mainnet after the Alonzo hard fork will launch smart contracts. But due to problems with its architecture, several decentralized applications have postponed their launch, and Alonzo can only go live with a few smart contracts developed by Cardano's creators themselves.

Along with the launch of smart contracts on testnet, Cardano's price rose to $3.09. But the price later dropped to $2.60 amid criticism that the update has difficulty processing concurrent transactions.


Glossary word

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And more you can find in our Glossary!


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