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22 December, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker 👍

Today, in 2015, SpaceX vertically landed the first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket for the first time. Five years later, their CEO launched Dogecoin to the moon with a single tweet and seems to be considering investing some of Tesla's reserves in Bitcoin. December 22 is a good day for Musk... Anyhow, there are other things happening in the cryptoverse, let's go, check’em out!

Let’s go!


Will Tesla buy bitcoin?

Vroom vroom!

On Sunday, Elon Musk tweeted about bitcoin again, as usual the replies turned into a battlefield, where Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor also joined.

Saylor suggested Musk follow MicroStrategy’s steps and convert Tesla's balance sheet into BTC. Michael Saylor speculated that Musk's example would be followed by other heads of large companies in the S&P 500 index, which would allow bitcoin to grow ten-fold.

So what?

Musk, you have no moral right to ignore bitcoin and joke around on Twitter anymore.

As soon as Tesla officially acquires Bitcoin, ToTheMars is guaranteed. No one will care about the Moon any more...


While some are panicking, others are buying

MicroStrategy, ottaboy!

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor reported an additional 29,646 BTC purchases worth about $650 million.

The average purchase price is $21,925. In total, the company now owns 70,470 BTC worth about $1.125 billion with an average purchase price of $15,964.

So what?

It's almost as if there was a sale! Cool to hear Michael has joined the ranks of crypto fans and is promoting bitcoin.

Keep up the good work!


How many BTCs do you need to buy a Tesla Model 3?


2018 8.5 BTC = 1 Tesla

2019 4.8 BTC = 1 Tesla

2020 1.5 BTC = 1 Tesla

2021 ??? BTC = 1 Tesla


Will TWT be listed on Binance?


Some users received a 100 tokens of Trust Wallet (TWT) at current prices it's about $12 (the price is growing by the way) Here’s a way to check it out: Wallet -> History -> Distribution.

Theoretically, TWT may soon be listed and traded on Binance. By the way, the tokens accrued by a referral program.


Top-10 of Portfolios' Battle

Heroes' Faces!

Battle is hot! Check it out!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! 😉


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