๐Ÿคœ Prepare your a*s, Elon Musk!

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Hey #Moni Maker ๐ŸŽธ

Today the whole world is celebrating Environment Day. It is a pity that some individuals use the topic of ecology for their manipulative goals. And these goals are much dirtier than the emissions of any plant currently available.

But as they say, Bitcoin fixes it. And Digest covers it. Letโ€™s go!


Elon Musk, they are coming

Gansta Paradize Listen

Hacker group โ€œAnonymousโ€ recorded a video message to Elon Musk. In it, hackers recall all the โ€œsinsโ€ of the head of Tesla: slave working conditions for employees, as well as the use of child labor. They did not forget about the manipulation of the crypto market, which led to the impoverishment of thousands of Elon's followers.

No direct threats have been voiced yet.

So what?

"How to lose all friends and make enemies for yourself with a couple of dozen tweets." is a good title for a book, why not?

The Messiah is pouring in before our eyes. So the stigmata turned out to be calluses, and the halo above the head was just a reflection of narcissism in the reflection of the eyes of an embittered audience. Musk, maybe...stop?


100 not 20

Bloomberg is predicting

Bloomberg in a new report states that the cryptocurrency market trend is still upward, even after the biggest fall in May.

Analysts argue that Bitcoin is more likely to resume its growth to $ 100,000 than to fall below $ 20,000. This should be facilitated by the release of the market from an excess of speculative positions.

In general, they describe the current situation as a "bullish crypto market at a discount."

So what?

Bloomberg always has very optimistic forecasts. As we can see, they correspond to reality.

And no manipulators can change them :)


Love and robots. And 1inch

Nice bot and no worries

1inch bought @shieldy_bot chat moderation bot for $ 329,000 from Nikita Kolmogorov. He announced this in the Telegram channel.

Besides, 1inch has a cool update. Dex Aggregator has released a new type of transactions that will help avoid a sandwich exchange attack. Previously, bots read the permissible limit for changes in the price of an asset and took part of the assets from the transaction. Now this problem has been resolved.


Meme of the Day ๐Ÿ˜„


And you...buy Bitcoin! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (it's a good time!)


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