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Hey Moni Maker

Today, the whole world celebrates Photo Day. Pictures are a good thing. Memories and bla-bla-bla. But when pictures become JPEG pictures and are sold for a shitload of money, that's what's really fun!

Go crazy with us, or become a boring and grey man of the crowd, for whom banks are the future and crypto is a scam. Digest!


Facebook strikes back

Looking forward to another stand-up in the Senate?

Facebook Diem co-creator David Marcus announced that Novi, Facebook's long-gestating cryptocurrency wallet, "is ready to come to market."

The pronouncement came at the end of a lengthy blog post, rather than with the fanfare that accompanied Facebook's initial announcement in June 2019 that it was creating a digital currency backed by a basket of fiat currencies and managed by some of the biggest names in finance and technology.

Novi (originally Calibra) finds itself limping into a very different cryptocurrency market than the one that existed two years ago.

Facebook's project began as Libra, a digital currency that could be sent via the Calibra wallet. The goal wasn't a stablecoin that mimicked the dollar's price; the goal was to create a new global currency. Though the asset was to be managed at first by Libra Association members, over time, it planned to decentralize, just as other crypto projects have done.

Later, Calibra switched its name to Novi. In December, the Libra Association jettisoned its moniker in favor of Diem. Now they want to turn the game around and take over the payment system market.

So what?

Will this tryout work, or we’ll see another stand-up in the Senate?


Japan no fun

Hucks are Ducks are Punks

Liquid, a regulated crypto exchange in Japan, has suspended asset deposits and withdrawals as its hot wallets have been hacked in a security breach.

The firm said in a Tweet on Thursday morning Japan time that its hot wallets were compromised and it is moving assets into cold wallets. "We are currently investigating and will provide regular updates. In the meantime deposits and withdrawals will be suspended."

So what?

Well... it's not $600 million, it's a measly $80 million. PF!

Will the hacker give the dough and talk to the commenters on etherscan? :)


CZ, did you think we were going to let you go?


The Dutch central bank announced that Binance has no registration and is operating illegally.

“De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) announces that Binance* is providing crypto services in the Netherlands without the required legal registration with DNB. This means Binance is not in compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act and is illegally offering services for the exchange between virtual and fiduciary currencies and it is illegally offering custodian wallets.

This may increase the risk of customers becoming involved in money laundering or terrorist financing.”

So what?

The "Answer-To-Banks-And-Regulators Manager" vacancy at Binance still hasn't appeared!


He knows everything about bitcoin

He is Tony B.

#Bitcoin exchange flows have returned to a dominance of outflows through August as investors withdraw $BTC.

The market has transitioned through a number of phases of exchange flow dominance over the last year, with outflow dominance last seen in late 2020.


The dog is ready to eat again!

Woof woof

Dogecoin developers have resumed their work. Vitalik Buterin and Jared Birchall, a representative of Elon Musk and former Morgan Stanley vice president, will become advisors to the Dogecoin team.

The guys plan to raise funding and form a three-year budget that will allow them to hire more people for development.

So what?

So, did you find your dream job?!


Money Go Home!

Printer goes Brrrr...

DAO Maker has published a compensation schedule for those affected by the hack.

All the victims will receive $500 airdrop. That's 35% of the stolen money.

The remaining 65% plan to return exactly one year later, in project tokens, with a 10% bonus rate.


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Paper hands are people who sell too early in any move, because they are very afraid of risk. Paper hands are called paper hands because, like paper, they break at the slightest pressure.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


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And you...buy Bitcoin! (it's a good time!)


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