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Hey #Moni Maker 💃

Today, in 1992, it was announced in Geneva that the technology of the World Wide Web, developed by Tim Berners-Lee, an employee of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN), will be free for everyone.

We wonder if Tim knew that WWW in a couple of decades will not just become an addition to our life, but practically replace it? Communication, entertainment and even love live well on the Internet. You can even make money and get great news in it!

And the last point we’ll do now ... Let’s go!


Yes, we used a clickbait in the headline!

But at least we don't leak the data….

The media, bloggers and Reddit users have been discussing rumors about the possible purchase of bitcoins by Facebook all week. Fortunately or unfortunately, the day before yesterday Facebook released its first quarter financials. And there was absolutely no mention of cryptocurrencies.

Rumors gave rise to the steps of MicroStrategy and Tesla, which placed part of their reserves in bitcoin. The media suggested that Facebook will join the companies of Elon Musk and Michael Saylor.

“If you can buy Bitcoin, move the price with your tweets, and then sell it, you probably should,” Bloomberg wrote, apparently referring to recent actions by Tesla. But it is also likely that Bloomberg reporters tried to anticipate Facebook's investment.

So what?

Well, we can’t get why Facebook still hasn't bought Bitcoin. Oh yes!...

After all, even if they buy it, it will be leaked...



Biden went into courage

US President Joe Biden spoke about the second social part of his $4 trillion plan. His team plans to allocate $1.8 trillion for social needs of Americans: free college tuition, additional vacations, etc. It turned out that of this money, $1 trillion will be spent on people, and the remaining $0.8 trillion will be formalized as tax breaks.

Biden will make the rich pay for his plan:

- He will increase the marginal income tax rate for individuals from 37% to 39.6%

- He will increase the tax rate on capital gains and dividends for households with income of $1 million per year from 20% to 39.6%

- He will increase the tax on inheritance of real estate

At this point, Congress has yet to endorse Biden's plan.

So what?

No politics. But! Nobody heard Joe speak Russian? Maybe he's bursting? And does he have a car accidentally sealed?… ( a reference to Lenin)

Families are great! But what about Power to the Soviets? And the factories? ...


Coinbase + PayPal

Buy Crypto, Ooo!

The American exchange Coinbase opens up the opportunity for millions of US customers to buy cryptocurrency through debit cards and bank accounts associated with PayPal.


Gambling x2


Japanese video game company Atari has partnered with Decentral Games to launch a casino.

It is a platform where users can play casinos using cryptocurrency. The reports indicate that the casino is a virtual 3D platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain through Decentraland.

So what?

Hmm. Crypto is a real gambling for people. Crypto casino = 2x gambling.

There are a lot of crypto casinos. What benefits, guys?


Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉


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