🤔 F. Loki. Floki?

26 June | by
  • coin BTC
    Bitcoin $ 31 643 -2.80% $ -291
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    Ethereum $ 1 783 -4.50% $ -257
  • Market Cap
    -1.90% $ 1 311 368 363 760
  • DeFi Market Cap
    -2.70% $ 60 605 195 648

Hey #Moni Maker 🛴

Today, a day in support of victims of torture is celebrated all over the world. Thanks guys! Looking at the current red market is a truly unbearable torture. We want to shoot ourself ... well, or say goodbye to crypto forever and leave to work for a regular job.

Someone wants to. But not we. We have a Digest. Let’s go!


He is playing again


Shiba Inu jumped almost 10% after the tweet.


He is discussing again


The first one 👆

The second one 👇

And...the third one 👇

And the last one 👇

So what?

It would be funny, it this conversation was a Comedy Central Roasts video with Dorsey, Tony B. and Hedl.


$ 2.2 billion crypto fund

Don't be surprised anymore

While the cryptocurrency market’s most recent hype wave seems to be dying down after a spectacular rise, Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto arm is reaffirming its commitment to startups building blockchain projects with a hulking new $2.2 billion crypto fund.

It’s the firm’s largest vertical-specific fund ever — by quite a bit.

Andreessen Horowitz’s 2018 crypto fund ushered in $300 million of LP commitments and its second fund, which it closed in April of last year, clocked in at $515 million. The new multibillion dollar fund not only showcases how institutional backers are growing more comfortable with cryptocurrencies, but also how Andreessen Horowitz’s assets under management have been quickly swelling to compete with other deep-pocketed firms including the ever-prolific Tiger Global.


📕 Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

KYC — is a user verification process. For example, on Binance or Bitfinex, a trader must provide pics of the documents in order to increase withdrawal limits.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


Meme of the Day 😄


And you...buy Bitcoin! 😉 (it's a good time!)


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