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Hey #Moni Maker πŸ‘Œ

Our Western friends may not get this, but we are celebrating the New Year today. Second time this monthπŸ˜‰. But we deserved it β€” it was not an easy year. Nevertheless, you should never 100% relax β€” you must spend at least 5 minutes per day on the most important crypto news.

Let’s go!


Who became a billionaire thanks to the rise of bitcoin?


On January 11, Forbes published a list of investors whose fortunes have increased significantly due to the rise in the price of bitcoin in early January 2021.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss topped the list - Forbes estimated the value of their crypto-assets at $1.4 billion each. Second is Bloq founder, Matthew Roszak, with $1.2 billion; in third place is investor Tim Draper with $1.1 billion.

Fourth place went to Microstrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, with $600 million; followed by Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz ($478 million) and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin ($360 million).

So what?

Firstly, Incrypted covered this news long before Forbes did. (hey, our friends from Ukraine!)

Secondly, it's good that the guys are learning to count other people's crypto rather than fiat money. It's an extremely useful skill πŸ˜‰ Will be…


Weekly growth in subscribers of Twitter-accounts of major crypto-exchanges increased


This may indicate an increase in interest among retail investors. But it's still a long way from its peak. Right now, it's only at 30 percent of the 2017 peak.

So what?

Interest in crypto has a cumulative effect. It's like you at the prom: you drank and drank and only then went to punch the face of the P.E. teacher.

It's the same with crypto. Wait till you see this, it's gonna kick asses.

*a few words about Twitter and Trump*


About 20% of all mined BTCs are lost - Chainalysis

LOST 4 8 15 16 23 42

The New York Times, citing Chainalysis research, noted that about 20% of all mined 18.6 million BTC worth about $140 billion are lost, or are in wallets that investors have lost access to (lost their passwords, etc.).

So, if you suddenly feel sad because you missed bitcoin growth, remember that there are people who had millions of dollars worth of bitcoins but don't have access to them... and you'll feel better. Like these cases, for example:

Stephan Thomas (formerly STO Ripple) has only two more attempts left before the contents of his hardware wallet are lost forever.

Back in 2011, Thomas received 7002 BTC (about $220 million) as a gift for an educational video about cryptocurrency. Then he lost the private key.

Gabriel Abed, a businessman from Barbados, lost about 800 BTC (about $27 million) after his colleague reformatted his laptop, where the passwords were stored.

So what?

Well, everything is clear with Ripple, but why Gabriel is still not in jail for killing his colleague? It's not clear... (we do not approve of violence, but you can do it, but only for losing passwords!).


1inch reduces commissions in DAI/USDC pair


1inch has added support for MakerDAO's Peg Stability Module (PSM).

This feature allows users to swap DAI/USDC at a 1:1 ratio while charging a nominal commission of 0.1%.

Long Story Short


Meme of the day πŸ˜„

We feel it!

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! πŸ˜‰


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