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20 October, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker πŸ‘Œ

Today in 1968, at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, American Dick Fosbury won a gold medal by revolutionizing the high jump event with a "back-first" technique. Sometimes a radically new approach to solving the problem turns out to be revolutionary, and a little later, people can no longer imagine another way to solve it. This is what happens now with crypto - it provided a revolutionary approach to financial, economic, social, and many other problems in many ways. It is important to adopt these improvements before the rest do...

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Tesla, what's up? 😜

Portfolio lives!
Portfolio lives!

We continue to chase our goal! Saving up for Tesla X by investing in cryptocurrencies!

However, we haven't bought...anything this week. :( But we have earned $1 with old assets πŸ˜‚

Well, ok! Follow the news - soon we will launch a very cool activity: interesting, unusual and even with a chance to win money 😜

Here's a link to our Telegram channel. Follow us, and don't fall for FOMO!


Google Finance added Bitcoin

Google Finance added Bitcoin

Bitcoin is growing up, becoming a respected asset considered by institutional investors, hedge funds, and even large corporations. Bitcoin has a lot in common with gold due to its monetary properties but also works well as a currency. In this regard, Google Finance ranks BTC among the most popular Forex currency pairs.

However, at some point, Bitcoin suddenly rose to the top.

So what?

Google, good boy! Was it Google algorithms that put BTC in the first place, or the employees themselves, we wonder. It's a pity we'll never get to know...

Who cares anyway? :) What difference does it make who respects Bitcoin - AI or corp. management?


iPhones are cheap

Bitcoins are expensive
iPhones are cheap

The infographic shows how the cost of the iPhone has changed over the years in Bitcoin terms.

To paraphrase this piece of news, Bitcoin's purchasing power has increased 122 thousand times in 10 years.

So what?

One must not rake up the past, but you also can't forget it. Especially when we talk about assets. Especially when we talk about BTC πŸ˜‰

Do you remember the Stanford two marshmallow experiment? It seems that very soon, delicacies will be replaced by cryptocurrencies, so such experiments will be more illustrative…


No one is shorting Bitcoin?

BTC! There's never enough BTC :)
BTC! There's never enough BTC :)

New record! The open interest of longs and shorts in Bitcoin futures among the institutions on the CME exchange has broken the historical maximum. The question remains: where are we going next?


Binance Loves Records

Records love Binance!
Binance Loves Records

Compared to the second quarter, the volume of spot trading at Binance rose 110% to a maximum of $306.6 billion, and in the second quarter, the figure was $146.3 billion.


  • Ticket Claim has been launched in Injective Protocol IEO on Binance Launchpad;

  • Binance launches trading of perpetual RSR/USDT and LRC/USDT futures contracts with up to 50x leverage;

  • Approximately 1.7 million BTCs (8.4% of all BTCs) are held on centralized exchanges.

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