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Hello Moni Maker

Today, in 1767, England officially burned a man for the last time. Yes, these days, people burn Ethereum, meme coins, and sanctioned products. It must be in human nature to want to burn something. So let people burn coins, at least to stop inflation. :)

Enough with the positivity. We have some hard news. Let's go!


Oh... you are f(h)@cked…

OOO x3

Cross-chain aggregator O3 and Poly Network hacked for about $611 million.

According to TheBlock, up to $900 million. Project teams confirmed the attacks.

This is one of the biggest hacks in DeFi.


BSC ($251 M)

Polygon ($85 M)

ETH ($274 M)


It would have been a billion-dollar hack if I had transferred the rest of the shields! Did I just save the project? I'm not interested in the money, now I'm thinking about giving some of the tokens back or just leaving them here.

So what?

Nobility from a hacker? Ha! Robin f@cking Hood, you've got the wrong era :(

But seriously...news like this doesn't touch you like it used to. Everyone used to be like, "Oh! Hack! It's a nightmare!". Now... nobody gives a shit.

So what did he do it for? If he doesn't want the money. Why, Mr. Hackerson?!


Good advice! Watch your mouth

When you drink a juice with the SEC

The SEC filed a motion with the Southern District of New York on Monday, requesting Judge Sarah Netbrun to order Ripple to produce and submit its employee messaging on business communication platform Slack, Ripple executives’ attorney James Filan announced on Twitter.

The filing notes that Ripple’s previous production of Slack messages to the SEC was incomplete, with the firm eventually admitting that this was caused due to a “data processing mistake” after “repeatedly contending that its Slack production was complete.” The SEC believes that Ripple only collected a small portion of its Slack messages and that a “massive quantity” of Slack data has not been collected or searched.


Cashback! To every1. Cashback!


Venmo has announced a new 'Cash Back to Crypto' feature that will allow cardholders to convert cryptocurrency using the cashback earned from Venmo credit card purchases automatically.

Users will be able to buy bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash using the new 'cashback to cryptocurrency' option, which will henceforth be available on the Venmo app.

So what?

Once upon a time, scammers scammed miners just through Venmo. The scheme is simple; never mind.

Fact is, Venmo users used to don't like crypto, but now... Thrive!


BitMEX kicks the ball


Crypto exchange BitMEX has partnered with football club Milan to put its logo on the sleeves of the club's official uniforms. The duration of the deal is not specified, but it will definitely last for several years, BitMEX reports.

The BitMEX logo will be present in all tournaments in which AC Milan participates, including the Italian league and the UEFA Champions League.

BitMEX CEO Alexander Hoeptner said that the partnership with AC Milan is beginning a fascinating new chapter for BitMEX. The exchange aims to increase brand awareness and understanding of cryptocurrencies.

So what?

Hmmm, and if Tether wants to advertise through sports, what will it be? Spelling with boxing elements...? :)


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Multisig is a wallet that requires several keys to manage. For example, such a wallet can be made within a company, and to withdraw funds from it - you will need the confirmation of several directors.

And more you can find in our Glossary!


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And you...buy Bitcoin! (it's a good time!)


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