🀡 Hello, Mr. President!

9 November, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker πŸ‘Œ

Although the past week didn't provide a bunch of surprising news (except for the crazy market growth), it shared a couple of events that promise an exciting continuation. Let's see how that goes!

Let’s go!


Mr. Biden, hello!

WhazzzUp with the elections?
Mr. Biden, hello!

ABC News and CNN have announced Biden's victory in the elections, and other media are gradually joining in. The presidential race is over. Trump refuses to admit defeat and plans to get a recount through the court.

Nearly half of the U.S. presidents - 20 people - have served more than one term. At the same time, only one person managed to be re-elected after a four-year break - Grover Cleveland at the end of the 19th century.

So what?

Americans know how to make a cool show; there is no arguing here.

The U.S. elections are also a show, closely watched by the whole world. Well, Joe Biden, can you tell us your thoughts on crypto once again? And then we will make our own conclusion about you... :)


What did Google Trends show?

Hype, interest, hype
What did Google Trends show?

Despite Bitcoin's growth above $15,000, which didn't happen for almost three years, interest in Bitcoin doesn't go above its usual level. Regarding the maximum values for the "Bitcoin" search query, Google Trends estimates the current interest at 13 points.

In other words, new investors aren't yet even remotely demonstrating the 2017 levels of interest.Β 

So what?

So, investors, will you buy BTC at ATHs again and whine about the market fall for another 2-3 years?Β 

If you know any investors, point them at MoniTalks. He'll get up to speed and you'll get appreciation! Good deal!


Ethereum 2.0

Suprise, Vitalik Buterin!
Ethereum 2.0

1.0 version of the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract is released, Vitalik Butterin tweeted. The deposit contract is needed to send ETH from the existing network to ETH2, making it possible to staking. Genesis unit ETH2 will be launched on December 1, although the launch was previously scheduled for January 3.

So what?

Yes, a very fruitful time now. Let's not focus on the cataclysms of 2020 but on such news.

Let the crisis stay outside the window, we are in a cryptocurrency trap house!

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