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Today, in 1940, the cartoon series hero Bugs Bunny first appeared on the screens. The once nameless bunny eventually became the mascot of Warner Bros. Yes, yes, pump happens not only in cryptocurrencies, but also in life, cartoons and comic books.

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Crypto Stephen Glass?


Bloomberg published an article about Tether being prosecuted again. USDT Parents' Response:

Today, Bloomberg published an article based on unnamed sources and years-old allegations, patently designed to generate clicks. This article follows a pattern of repackaging stale claims as “news.” The continued efforts to discredit Tether will not change our determination to remain leaders in the community.

Tether routinely has open dialogue with law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Department of Justice, as part of our commitment to cooperation, transparency, and accountability. We are proud of our role as industry leaders in promoting cooperation between industry and government authorities in the U.S. and around the world. We remain committed to our customers and the industry-leading technology and transparency that has led to our growth.

It is business as usual at Tether, and we remain focused on how to best serve the needs of our customers.

So what?

Don't know what to write? So you write Tether is a scam. You get clicks. You go buy a big tasty meal with big fries :) Oh, this modern journalism...

By the way, check out the Stephen Glass scam at your leisure. A journalist who wrote tall tales and fooled everybody for years. What became of him...? Alas, the same fate awaits all clickbait content. Except for us, it's hilarious.


Atlas Squeezed

Size matters


So what?

Of course, there will be less of the big, stray money. But they will also go out the window less often. Isn't that a great move?


The series "Liquidation".

It's time to liquidate!

The value of bitcoin yesterday approached the $40k mark and rose more than 10%. Interestingly, the futures platform Binance exchange rate reached $48 thousand, adding 30% over the day, which also led to large liquidations on the exchange.

This growth liquidated over 102 thousand traders and $1.13 billion positions.

Сей рост ликвидировал более 102 тыс трейдеров и позиций на $1.13 млрд.

Distribution of liquidations:

$436 million on Bybit;

$217 million on Huobi;

$216 million on Okex;

$124 million on Binance;

$52 million on Bitmex.


Put your bitcoin through the auto


According to the Coin ATM Radar service, the total number of cryptocurrencies in 2021 increased by 71.73%, rising from 13,993 to 24,030.

So what?

We wonder if you have a BTC ATM in your city. Dive into the chatand let us know where you're from and if you have Bitcoin ATMs!


Glossary word

Learn, learn, learn!

Pump — is planned and sharp pumping of the value of the coin, then to sell it at the highest possible price. As a rule, pumps are typical for coins with low capitalization. Therefore, manipulators are trying to attract as many people as possible to the project in order to control the price.

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