๐Ÿ˜ˆ Bitcoin against Inflation, Ethereum 2.0 and Vitalik Buterin, 1inch and Mooniswap

20 November, 2020 | by
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Hey #Moni Maker ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Today, in 1985, Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released. Since then, technology has moved miles ahead, and we take increasingly technological solutions for granted. As Eric Hughes said, "ciphers are writing code", so let's not sit idly by, but let's take part in the technological revolution - there's a lot to be useful and a lot to be gained from!

Letโ€™s go!


Investors are choosing bitcoin

โ˜ฃ๏ธ Bitcoin Vs Inflation

Jim Reed, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, noted the growing popularity of Bitcoin as an alternative to gold savings.

"There also seems to be an increasing demand to use Bitcoin where Gold was used to hedge Dollar risk, inflation and other things.

One of the worst performers has been tech with the US NYFANG index -3.8% since the vaccine news. This index is up +77.5% YTD in total return terms, so any normalisation could weigh on the overall US indices given their importance. One of the oddities has been the dramatic divergence between Gold (-3.6%) and Silver (-4.4%) on the one hand and Bitcoin (+13.4%) on the other. Bitcoin is up another +3% overnight and seems to be creating momentum of its own. Itโ€™s up over 70% over the last six weeks as more and more investors are starting to see it emerge as a credible asset to invest in." the analyst said.

Private investors and companies (such as Grayscale) invest in Bitcoin.

So what?

The financial crisis, inflation are almost in front of our faces ... and they do not smell that good.

The world's leading experts *guys in expensive suits you know* predict the crisis which can be worse than the great depression.

Anyway, at the end of every digest we provide advice to leave this financial a$$ ASAP. Not financial advice ;)


The advantages of Ethereum 2.0 are coming!

Vitalik Buterin is speaking to the masses

Ethereum co-founder Vitalyk Buterin during the AMA on Reddit answered several questions related to the launch of Ethereum 2.0. According to Buterin, significant improvements in network performance and migration to PoS will be made sooner than many people expect.

"Merge happens faster, PoS happens faster, you get your juicy 100k TPS faster." he wrote.

Also Butern expects that ETH 2.0 updates will happen faster than ETH 1.0.

But as we remember, ETH 2.0 can be postponed if it doesn't raise enough money.

So what?

Uh, the DeFi hype train is almost gone (well, the big one), maybe Buterin will launch ETH 2.0 and push new investors into the carts of the second train?!

Bro Buterin, we are holding our fists and taking your word for it. Weโ€™ve heard a lot of empty words, but we know that you're not that type of a person.

ETH Two-Zero Gang!


1INCH and Mooniswap

Farming, Farming, Farming

Guys from 1Inch have recently announced that it is possible to farm INCH tokens, by providing liquidity to the Mooniswap exchange. And now they have announced an additional round of token farming for 4 pools: ETH - WBTC, ETH - USDC, ETH - DAI, ETH - USDT. It started on November 18th, 1% of all 1INCH tokens will be allocated.


Akashian Challenge and 500'000 AKT

Land, bro!

Akash Network announced the third and final stage of the "The Akashian Challenge Incentivized Testnet".

Community gets different network testing tasks, and the team rewards them with a 500'000 AKT prize pool.

The fuzz will start on November 30 and will last for 2 weeks, when there will be tasks with step-by-step instructions, as well as open tasks for advanced users.


Start - November 30

Details in Discord and Telegram chat.

P.S.: itโ€™s a good way to make some hustle. Rick Ross would love it!


Symbol from NEM

Run, Run, Run!

NEM has announced a new date of Symbol network launch.

Launch: January 14 (exact time TBC)

Block of the snapshot: 3,025,200

Applications for Opt-In will be closed: January 9

Once the network is launched, the coins of the new network will be added, i.e. 1 XEM = 1 XEM + 1 XYM.

Long Story Short

  • Binance launches perpetual futures contracts trading on AXS/USDT with up to 50x leverage;

  • Official: OKEx will resume withdrawals on November 27.

Meme of the day

And one more thing...Buy Bitcoin! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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