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Today, in 1838, the “Great Western” began its maiden voyage from Bristol to New York City. The voyage took 15 days. Our friend Elon Musk promises to take everyone from New York to London in one of his rockets (yes, exactly, 🚀) in just half an hour by 2050. I wonder what currency Elon will accept payments for such a service 🤔. One thing's for sure, you’ll be able to track it in our Moni app. And while we wait for spaceflights to come true, let's check out the latest news.

Let’s go!


Arthur Hayes is a jail boy?

bloods and cryptos

According to Bloomberg, former BitMEX exchange CEO Arthur Hayes turned himself in to U.S. authorities. Under the terms of the agreement, he arrived in Hawaii from Singapore and appeared before a federal judge in Honolulu. Under the terms of an earlier agreement, he was released on $10 million bail until his next hearing in New York.

Let us remind you, that the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) opened an investigation into BitMEX in 2019 to determine whether the exchange served U.S. traders bypassing current rules. U.S. authorities indicted Hayes and two other BitMEX co-founders six months ago. They are charged with evading requirements requiring financial industry service providers to use anti-money laundering mechanisms.

So what?

Got it. Don't care how many bitcoins we've mined, how many profits we've made, or what statuses we've gotten in crypto. One day everyone can feel the prison smell.

Very sobering, don't you think?


F*ck you, scammer!

DeFi needs its own hero...

Shield Finance is an aggregator of different insurance protocols. Just like 1inch aggregates different swap protocols, Shield aggregates insurance protocols. In short, they help you protect yourself from scammers, hackers and other black stuff that The Witcher hasn't gotten to yet (he will!).

Should we give you the stats on the scams that have happened at DeFi in at least the last three days? Probably not. Crypto bros are aware that a tasty piece of pie, that is a seemingly promising investment, can turn to crap at a moment's notice. Yes, right in the investor's mouth. That's what Shield protects against.

Yesterday the project announced a partnership with Master Ventures, in whose ecosystem PAID and Ignition live. This partnership will bring Shield hype, financial support and other goodies. So, be one of the first to join Shield, or you'll be a Shit :) We gave you a heads-up!


Coinbase will buy my life

Armstrong buzzes yeeeeah

Coinbase has released its Q1 2021 report. This is the best quarter in the company's history. According to many analysts, this figure makes a strong case for an expected $100+ billion capitalization after the April 14 listing.

56 million verified users;

6.1 million active users (interacted with the platform during the month);

User base larger than Cash App, Robinhood, Venmo and eToro;

Assets held on the platform are valued at $223 billion, which is; 11.3% of the market share of crypto assets;

Including $122 billion in assets acquired by institutions;

Trading volume was $335 billion;

Total revenue was about $1.8 billion;

Net income was estimated at $730 million to $800 million;

If the marketplace were compared to the largest banks, it would rank 17th in the U.S. in terms of assets.

Long Story Short

  • Coinbase Pro listed 1inch, ENJ, NKN and OGN.


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