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Hey #Moni Maker 🙃

Can you imagine, not much happened today in history (yes, this happens). But that's no reason to get upset - MoniTalks is always here for you no matter what 24/7/365, so...

Let's go check out the latest news!


Facebook will still launch its coin

Viva la Libra!
Facebook will still launch its coin.

Facebook is preparing to launch the Libra cryptocurrency in January next year, told the Financial Times involved sources. Libra will be launched in a more limited format than previously planned.

Facebook announced the start of testing Libra in June last year. The company became partners of 27 organizations, including Visa, Mastercard, Uber, eBay, and Spotify. The project faced criticism from many regulators and politicians around the world. In April, Libra representatives reported that they took into account concerns about tokens, which are planned to be tied to the basket of currencies. The fears are related to the fact that such a cryptocurrency may create competition for national currencies. As a result, the association decided to launch tokens tied to specific currencies, such as the dollar or euro.

Initially, the association will only launch tokens tied to the dollar. The other currencies and the multicurrency token will be launched later.

By the way, the creator of Libra, if you forgot, a year ago was tormented with questions in an American court - then Facebook was under the gun because of a scandal with the leak of user data.

So what?

Mr. Zuckerberg is an evil genius. In 10 years, he himself will assign people to the courts and senates, who are today criticizing him...

Libra, undoubtedly, will try to compete with alts and btc himself. The game has begun!


Bitcoin futures volume

Bitcoin futures volume

According to CryptoRank, the total volume of bitcoin futures trading exceeded $62 billion, a new record high. Binance Futures accounts for most of the volumes - $11.8 billion.


Satoshi Nakamoto

London, Bonds, Crypto
Satoshi Nakamoto

A new study by The Chain Bulletin says that according to some data one of the most likely places where Satoshi could work on Bitcoin between 2008 and 2010 was London.

Satoshi didn't leave much behind when he decided to leave the scene for good back in April 2011. But, he did leave enough for us to conduct thorough research into his whereabouts when he was working on Bitcoin.

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